BBQ 101: Perfect Pellet Pairings

BBQ 101: Perfect Pellet Pairings

Like most barbecuing products, there are many fueling options to choose from and the variety can be overwhelming. When it comes to fueling your grill, one of the most common types of fuel are wood pellets. BBQ Island’s wood pellets are made from 100% pure natural wood fiber, free of fillers or oils, and are easy to use. Additionally, burning wood pellets is a sustainable fuel source and they’re efficient — the material is almost always converted completely to heat. Wood pellets work great for not only fueling your pellet grill or smoker, but also to enhance the flavor of your meat. But between cherry, maple, hickory, and so many more options, the choices are endless and you might need some direction when deciding on which pellets are right for your grilling style.

Here’s our BBQ Island guide to the perfect pellet pairings:

  • BBQ Island Oak Pellets are made from a 100% oak wood. Oak pellets are highly versatile since they produce mild smoke with no aftertaste. Because of its versatility, oak pellets pair well with most foods including beef, pork, fish and big game.

  • BBQ Island Maple Pellets are made from a 100% maple wood. It has a slightly smoky, sweet flavor, which pairs exceptionally well with poultry, cheese, ham and vegetables.

  • BBQ Island Mesquite Pellets are made from 40% mesquite wood and 60% oak. Mesquite gives a sweet and piney flavor, and is great for burgers, brats and other foods that have shorter cooking periods.

  • BBQ Island 100% Cherry Wood Pellets are made of pure cherry wood, and though it will compliment all foods on the grill, it pairs best with pork, chicken, and fish. Cherry wood creates the darkest smoke rings out of all our wood.

  • BBQ Island 100% Hickory Pellets emit a bold, smoky, bacon-like flavor and is perfect for almost every type of meat. For a more mild flavor, we recommend mixing the Hickory with a fruit wood, such as cherry or apple, to achieve a unique balance.

  • BBQ Island Maple/Hickory/Cherry Pellets give off a sweeter and more mellow flavor, similar to alder. This pairs great with vegetables, ham, and poultry.

  • BBQ Island Hickory/Cherry/Oak Wood Pellets are well balanced due to the boldness of the hickory and oak paired with the flavorful cherry. Competition smokers often use this for chicken, ribs, pulled pork, and brisket.

  • BBQ Island Pecan Pellets are made from 30% pecan wood and 70% oak. Pecan, though similar to hickory, is less pungent and offers a smoother flavor. This smokes large pieces of meat very well, and is often used with turkeys and cheeses.

  • BBQ Island Apple Wood Pellets are made of 40% Apple and 60% Oak. Since it is on the lighter side, apple pellets are perfect for longer smokes and cold smokes, and pairs great with ribs, pork, poultry, and fish.




You can always mix your favorite pellets to create a unique flavor that you and your guests will love. Check out our entire selection here, and enjoy free shipping on your next order. Happy grilling!
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