We just wanted to tell you how happy we were with our DB Pellet BBQ. We order our BBQ from out of state and from the start, dealing with JT was wonderful what a nice young man very friendly, to receiving our BBQ. We had a little damage but your company made it good. We have had our BBQ for a month in the new home we bought in Idaho and have cooked on it every night. Our son came from Chandler AZ to visit and I was exicted for him to have a steak and hamburgers and he was very impressed of the flavor of each. Mike and I thank you for the great service! Needless too say we LOVE our DB PELLET BBQ.
Thanks. Seems like you have a great team there. Very rare today. Happy Holidays.



Just a note of thanks for putting on the class. It was definitely worth the time and money. You have a great team there. (Southwest BBQ Academy - Chris Marks)



My new pellet grill arrived sooner than I thought it was going to. It gave me a couple of days to practice with it before the big party. Thank you so much for getting it shipped so fast.



Received my new smoker yesterday. Better than the pictures on the Internet. Thank you for the 5 extra bags of pellets and free shipping. We are
getting a ANGUS brisket ready to try.




The pellets are great!!!! Definitely have you on my favorite list I will keep you posted if we need more before the end of our season.

Again thank you



Thanks JT,

Everything arrived with a day or two and David "played" with his new smoker all weekend. He was learning how to adjust all the this and thats; I now have leftover, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, grilled & smoked turkey burgers and hamburgers to last all week.

Your customer service is terrific and I will be happy to post that on FB!

Thanks again,


No worries on this end Mike.  I'm just psyched that I found my way to DEFINITELY the most helpful/knowledgeable person I've ever spoken with regarding my obsessing about outdoor cooking. You were great to speak with on the phone....it felt like I was chatting with a friend.  I am going to somehow change up my outdoor game plan, even though it's not going to be immediate.  On Monday I'm having my Solaire professionally cleaned, and while this gives me a good feeling, I know that I won't be cooking any more of the style that I've always wanted to.  My AmeriQue has been my friend for "low and slow", and the Solaire has been for steaks, burgers, and veggies...and yes, pizzas.  Some would say that I've got it all covered, but as someone who is constantly cooking, I know my limitations when it comes to grilling chicken pieces, fish, etc.  This is going to change, and I will be purchasing from you.  I'm keeping your email address in my address book, so we can pick up, when I'm up to snuff regarding the model/brand that suits me.  You've given me a great head start by teaching me about Twin Eagle....we will be in touch, and thanks again for you generous phone time today.



Thank you for your help in making this purchase.  Your in depth knowledge of your products and your ability to convey that knowledge really raised my comfort level regarding which grill to buy.

I appreciate your assistance.


Thomas Krafft


Perfect transaction.




Just wanted to send a huge thank-you to Bam Bam, all of the established team members that were there to help, all of the KCBS judges that were at this event and BBQ Island. We learned a lot on that day and hope that there will be more of these events in the future. As a newer team getting ready to compete, this event was HUGE for us. Special thanks to Scott with Little Miss BBQ for his invaluable insight into chicken prep.

Char Wars Competition BBQ


Hi Mike,

Thanks for all your help I appreciate it!  You guys are great and would refer anyone to ya!

Dr. Shannon Maltais


This is absolutely perfect, it works exactly as described 7 minutes and you're ready to go. Product arrived in perfect gift giving condition.  Couldn't ask for better or quicker service even if I was greedy.



Mike and Sterling,

I love my new smoker. It is the bomb. Thanks for everything and have a Merry Christmas.


Dear Sirs,
I could not be happier. My son in law and I had the best time ever at Turkeyfest 2011.  Most importantly, my wife (the who hates spending money) thinks my large Big Green Egg was the best purchase ever. Thanksgiving went well with comments about the turkey cooked on the egg as being the best.  The egg is now our official second oven.  Thanks Shelton and BBQ island!!!

Got my memphis pro yesterday,  I can't tell you how impressed I am with the packing of the grill.  Thanks again for your help.


I spoke w/ Shelton about the Pitmaster IQ a couple weeks ago, and ended up going back in and buying it the week after when Mike was working. Great service both times, and my co-worker was extremely impressed w/ the store (and the fact that you had his long sought-out Sassafrass wood chips)

Have a good one,



Thanks for photo’s.  I had the pleasure of attending the American Royal in 2009 as a VIP!  What a blast!  If the dammed real estate market would just get a little better… I will have a Marshall on my patio.  In the meantime, I just keep going.  I attended Chris’s cooking class at your place on Mother’s day weekend 2 years ago.  Heading down your way when snow moves in up here in Denver.  Will stop by to say hi. I tell everybody about your store!  It is the best in the west.


Mark Eskanos


Anthony, Thanks. I must say we are looking forward to cooking on our new grill, just a little more work before we can install it. Thanks for the great service. I have to say, often times companies forget that they are dealing with real people. Thats certainly not the case with Sole and BBQ Island. We will definitely be a regular in your store.

Dale Drisko


So far, my sons have cooked chicken and steak on the grill!  We really like
it and you selected a grill for the perfect fit------no alterations!

Thanks so much for your great customer service.

Have a great week!

Jane Flowers


I wanted to thank you for the outstanding service from BBQ island. I received a drop in grill as a gift and did not know where to get the components I needed. You made it simple and easy to get the items I needed. Even though I did not get the grill from BBQ Island you still treated me great!! I thank you again for the outstanding service and will recommend anyone to shop at BBQ island.

Thank you and have a great day!

Ryan F. Brown


I just wanted to let you guys know how much we appreciate all of your support!

You are one of the few people who have access to the quantity of sauces and rubs we need for our personal - and competition - BBQ.

Blues Hog is a staple of ours and we appreciate your company's willingness to stock it.

I've never heard a single complaint about BH and it has served us very well over the years, in the backyard as well as on the competition BBQ circuit.

Thank you for supporting our business and the greater BBQ society in general.