Posted by Shelton Steele on 9/28/2012 to Recipes
Pulled Pork Enchiladas

An excellent way to reuse the leftover pulled pork!
Posted by Bam Bam on 5/8/2012 to Ask An Expert
The prince of pork explains how to create amazing pulled pork.

Pulled Pork
Posted by Bam Bam on 5/2/2012 to Ask An Expert
Bam Bam's answer to: How do I smoke spare ribs?

Posted by Administrator on 4/2/2012 to Ask An Expert
Bam Bam's answer to: How do I smoke chicken?

Posted by Bam Bam on 3/17/2012 to Ask An Expert
Bam Bam's answer to: How do I smoke a brisket?

Beef Brisket Picture
Posted by Administrator on 1/5/2012 to Recipes
This recipe really came about from having some leftovers and it turned out better than any of the planned meals using these same ingredients. This hearty stew is perfect for warding off the cold during these chilly winter evenings.

Carne Asada Stew
Posted by Administrator on 11/17/2011 to Recipes
I have never really been a fan of ham until recently. I always thought it was a bland, tough, watery meat. Well I found out just how good a ham can really be. The trick is to rub it down and smoke it yourself.

Ham on the smoker
Posted by Dr. Grillenstein on 9/26/2011 to Recipes
Chicken Souvlaki makes a simple and delicious meal.

Posted by Dr. Grillenstein on 8/29/2011 to Recipes
There are an infinite number of ways to make Jalapeno poppers, but this is my current favorite. I also show you another great pepper popper using leftover buffalo wings and Hungarian Wax Peppers. The hotter the the wings the better in my opinion.

Bacon wrapped, shrimp stuffed jalapeno poppers
Posted by Dr. Grillinstien on 8/10/2011 to Recipes
This simple dish is as delicious as it is good for you.

Cilantro Garlic Grilled Halibut
Posted by Kurt on 6/23/2011 to Cooking Classes
Our first annual Father's Day Friday went better than expected. We just started carrying the La Caja China line of roasters, so we thought we would give one a try. Our friends at McReynolds Farms provided us with a beautiful 60lb hog. After the Cuban style meal our free rib and chicken classes went without a hitch. Except for the part where the smoker caught on fire. :-) Full details of the event can be found after the jump.

La Caja China Roasted Hog
Posted by Shelton on 5/23/2011 to Cooking Classes
Thanks to all who attended the Pizza Class. It was the messiest and most fun class to date.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Posted by Kurt on 5/22/2011 to Recipes
I know I posted recently about morels, but since I still had some left over from my trip. I thought I would try something a bit more exotic. So I decided to try Buffalo ribeyes topped with Morel sauce.

Buffalo Ribey and Red Wine Morel Sauce
Posted by Kurt on 5/18/2011 to Recipes
This burger turned out fantastic. Melted Huntsman cheese, organic beefsteak tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onion and deli mustard on a pretzel roll. I was uncomfortably full after devouring it.

Huntsman Pretzel Bun Cheesburger
Posted by Shelton on 5/1/2011 to Cooking Classes
Chef Brothers were back in the BBQ Island Kitchen with a great fish on the grill class. Here is the menu from the class.
  • Grilled Alaskan Halibut Tacos
  • Salt Block Seared Scallops
  • Cajun Shrimp Skewers
  • Brothers World Famous Guacamole
  • Jalapeno Cheese Grits
  • Brothers House Salsa
  • Chocolate & Banana Desert Quesadillas
Posted by Administrator on 5/1/2011 to Recipes
I was at a friend's house the other night and they had picked up a half pound of Blonde Morel Mushrooms. They also had a nice selection of root vegetables and some bone in rib eyes.

Rib Eye and Morel Mushrooms
Posted by Administrator on 4/24/2011 to Recipes
The shooter's sandwich is a little known meal, that was originally prepared to nourish hunters as they went out in search of their prey. Its compactness took up less room and made carrying it easier. In addition the ingredients used, fared well without refrigeration.

Shooter's Sandwich
Posted by Administrator on 4/11/2011 to Recipes
I love Italian beef sandwiches! However to get a decent one I have to drive about 30 minutes and they are a rarity in my life. I had some leftover beef tenderloin I smoked a few days ago and decided to try making my own. I should have done this years ago. They turned out fantastic.

Italian Beef Sandwich
Posted by Administrator on 4/9/2011 to Recipes
Smoking a beef tenderloin is simple and one of the greatest ways to prepare this choice cut of meat. Done properly, the tenderloin will be perfectly cooked from crust to crust. The low and slow method keeps the meat closer to the outside from becoming overdone. As you can see in the photo, the slice is almost entirely medium rare.

Smoke Beef Tenderloin
Posted by Administrator on 3/6/2011 to Recipes
A properly smoked Pheasant is a great alternative to smoking a chicken. The moist meat turns out really fantastic when smoked and the marinade helps hide any gamey flavor it may have.

Posted by Administrator on 2/23/2011 to Cooking Classes
Many times when I cook a good sized brisket, I have left overs. At times it can get boring eating the same thing over and over, so I decided to try and give the brisket a completely different flavor.

What I came up with, was a simple delicious meal. It turned out really well, but if you have any suggestions on how to improve it I would appreciate it.

Posted by Administrator on 1/24/2011 to Recipes
So this weekend I had a 2 lb pork tenderloin staring at me from the fridge. I was having some friends over for dinner and it had started to really cool off in the early afternoon. So I decided to make Posole out of it. I was feeling a bit lazy so about 70% of the ingredients are not in the pictures. This great soup is easy to make and super delicious.

Bowl of Posole
Posted by Administrator on 12/20/2010 to Recipes
This recipe is awesome! It is a completely de-boned chicken stuffed with bacon, green chilies and provolone cheese. The skin turned out really crispy and the chicken was tender and juicy.

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