Tips to Prepare Your Patio for Paver BBQ Island Install

Tips to Prepare Your Patio for Paver BBQ Island Install

What to Consider Before Installing a Paver BBQ Island

So you have your heart set on spicing up your patio paver with a dedicated BBQ area. Congratulations! This addition to your backyard can attract the neighbors' attention and entertain guests on all occasions. Even if you use it more for yourself and the people living with you, it can still provide delicious meals and great times.

With that said, how you set up your paver BBQ island can have a major impact on the experience. You should consider a variety of factors when deciding where to put it, how big to make it, and what accommodations to add. For your convenience, we will go over the most important of these factors in this article.


Power and Gas Line Locations

Barbecuing requires power, and not just charcoal either. Most modern appliances rely on gas, electricity, or both to keep the fires burning. Your BBQ must connect to a power source, as well as to a gas line if needed. Keep that in mind as you select the location for the paver BBQ island.

You could hypothetically set up this area anywhere in your backyard. With that said, we advise trying to create the shortest distance between that area and your existing power and gas lines. Otherwise, you will need to add extensions for those lines, which only adds to the costs.

Shade for the Cook

A little sunlight can be pleasant, even rejuvenating. People install patios in their backyard just to enjoy the outdoors while still having the comforts of home. Of course, they also get all the downsides of being outside. Few know that better than BBQ cooks, who get more than a little sunlight while also standing in front of the flame.

If you can position your island so that the cook stays under some shade, that is a different story. You can get greater protection from the blistering heat, not to mention all those UV rays. Getting some of the grills under a pergola or other kind of roof can even allow you to hold cookouts without getting rained out. If your patio lacks any cover, you may want to install something that provides it.

Flammable Surroundings

Thatch roofs. Wooden support beams. Plants, flowers, hedges, and bushes. You might have all kinds of structures, furniture, and décor in your backyard that should not be anywhere near an open flame. Even items made from certain artificial materials, such as fake grass and polyester hammocks, may melt from exposure to ash.

BBQ location is not just about convenience and cost. It is also about safety, including fire safety. Part of that preparation involves moving or removing whatever flammable can be moved or removed. The other part is placing the paver BBQ island away from anything flammable that is firmly stuck in place.

Distance from Windows

Speaking of flame, BBQs produce smoke. This is not necessarily bad, as outside allows it to quickly dissipate. Many people even like the distinct flavor that smoke confers on food, to the point of using specialized BBQs called "smokers." That does not mean you want any of it entering your home.

Pinpointing the best spot for your paver BBQ island can be tough when trying to balance everything we already mentioned. With that said, one more factor for location is worth adding to your list. We urge you to keep your BBQ far enough from windows and doorways that smoke cannot easily.

Paver Floor Strength

Pavers must be strong enough to maintain the patio floor's integrity, even under 24/7 exposure to the elements from every season. The material must be able to weather the sun, storms, snowfall, winds, debris falling from above, and weeds sprouting from below. However, BBQ equipment is heavy. Even if your pavers are made from stone or concrete, they may not be prepared to take on all that weight.

Preparing for paver BBQ island installation means making certain that your pavers can handle it. You may need to reinforce the area where the grill and any related additions will go. This process may require shelling out some serious cash, but that would be better than paying to repair damaged patio floors.

How Often You Will Use It

Paver BBQ islands can be more than just the BBQ itself. Many people like to expand this set-up into a full-on outdoor kitchen, complete with sinks, cabinets, tables for food prep, and more. These installations can enhance the experience. We should say, though, that they are only worthwhile if you will use them regularly.

If you plan to grill every once in a while, you might be better off keeping your BBQ island simple. A grill is all you need anyway, and maybe an extra table would be convenient. If you plan to use it often, and if you live in regions that see great BBQ weather year-round, an outdoor kitchen can be amazing. See what fits your budget and expectations. If anything, you can add to the area over time.

How Many Guests You Will Serve

Finally, there is the matter of guest seating. Your patio might only have enough sofas, tables, and shade for a few people at a time. That will suffice if you only plan to serve a few people with each meal anyway. Still, we should warn that BBQ cookouts have a way of drawing people from near and far.

Installing a brand-new BBQ island may be just one phase of upgrading your backyard. Anyone excited to share the joy of grilling with many people should make sure to accommodate them. A few ideas include expanding the paver space, increasing the roofing, and setting up some fans. Provide the care and comfort your guests deserve.

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