5 Summer Prep Tips for Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

5 Summer Prep Tips for Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

5 Summer Prep Tips for Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

The chill of winter is a distant memory, and spring has definitely sprung. With each passing day, the temperature rises and the sun stays out longer. If summer is not already here, it is on the horizon. So are all the activities associated with the season: pool days, vacations, and good ol' backyard barbeque parties.

Before you fire up the grill, try to remember: has your outdoor kitchen equipment seen any action in the past few months? If not, then you should do a few chores to prepare that equipment, as well as your backyard entertainment area, for another exciting summer. Here are our professional tips.

Clean the Grill's Interior

Before you ask: yes. It does not matter if you have not used your outdoor kitchen equipment in months. It does not matter if it has been in storage the whole time, or even if you clean it before putting it away. You must clean your grill.

If you doubt our insistent advice, pop the lid open and peek inside. You may find all manner of dirt, debris, and even some unwanted visitors. Even if you see little or no contaminants, you and your guests may still appreciate the cook's commitment to hygiene. This is also a good time for maintenance. For example, unless you enjoy a little metallic seasoning, anything rusty should be replaced right away.

Soaking removable parts in a mix of dish soap and water can remove a great deal of mess. Powerful sprays of the hose can add more pressure. For grease, melted fat, and other tough residue, your most abrasive tools will come in handy. Grill brushes, wire brushes, and steel wool will all tear out nasty deposits from cookouts past without damaging the equipment. Finally, vacuum as needed.

Wipe Down the Outside

By now, you should have taken care of every inch of the barbeque's interior. If you did it right, everything should be sanitary, which is all that matters for food preparation. True beauty, after all, lies on the inside. But why not strive to have true beauty on the outside as well?

Taking care of the exterior as well does not require that much more effort. Just dip a rag in some of that soapy water and run it across the surfaces. Get as much grease, dust, and rust off as you can. Dry it off with another cloth — do not let it air-dry, or the droplets might create new residue. You should be left with nice and shiny equipment.

Conduct a Leak Test

Leak tests should be carried out every once in a while as part of regular maintenance. You must do it after a long stretch of disuse. This assessment shows whether crucial components are in good shape. Moreover, it can show whether any pests made holes in the various tubes that make your barbeque's systems work.

First, bring the grill outside, check that everything is off, and open the gas valve. Next, do you still have any soapy water — specifically, a 50/50 blend — left in that bucket? Pour it in a bowl, then pour it into the gas valve, the regulator, the hose, and any other important connections. Your machine's manual may include instructions and diagrams to help.

If no change is apparent, then the machine is good to go for grilling. If you see bubbles, you have a leak on your hands. Order a replacement part or hire a professional to make the swap for you. Only then will your equipment be ready.

Check the Equipment's Ignition

This period of preparation is also the perfect time to test your barbeque's ignition. It is certainly better than just before you start cooking a delicious meal. At least if anything turns out to be faulty now, you will not have to solve the problems while hungry.

If your grill does not fire up right away, it may just need a moment. If patience is not the answer, the problem may just be that your fuel source did not last the whole winter and come out intact. Even if you shelter everything from the elements, gas can still degrade and batteries can still corrode. It may hurt if you had some left over from the previous year, but a new summer will call for a new supply.

If fuel is not the problem either, you may need to replace something. Check which burners do not seem to light on their own. Try lighting the barbeque on your own, all while taking proper safety precautions. See if any parts that do not seem to work just require a reset. If all else fails, call an expert.

Clean Your Back Patio

Your outdoor kitchen equipment is not the only thing that could benefit from some pre-cookout care. It may be the most important for the mere existence of the meal, as well as for the chef. While you are firing up the food, though, your guests may want to lounge on your back patio and enjoy the outdoors.

Once you handle the barbeque, you have tended to your needs. Next, you must tend to the needs of your guests. Sweep the floors of any debris and clean the furniture. Create the kind of hangout space that will make visitors comfortable. Do you have citronella candles for keeping insects away, or surfaces where people can rest their plates? Be mindful as you prepare your backyard for entertaining in the summer.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Today

Maintaining your outdoor kitchen equipment is vital in any season, especially if you want to produce the best possible meals. It is even more important when you want to break it out for the first time after months of disuse. You never know what can happen to your grill when you are not looking, so being prepared helps prevent nasty surprises.

If you want a pleasant surprise, BBQ Island's selection of high-quality outdoor kitchen equipment may astonish you. We offer remarkable products at affordable prices, ensuring that you can host amazing cookouts for less. Make this summer one to remember and order from us today.

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