5 Holiday Sides You Can Cook on the Grill

The Holidays are here! Are you prepared for the big day? At BBQ Island, we’ve got everything you need to make a dinner that will make your taste buds leap for joy. Try out some of our favorite grilled side dishes that pair perfectly with any meat. It’s time to fire up your grill... let’s get started.

1). Smoked Mac N’ Cheese

Indulge in a creamy side of smoked mac n’ cheese this Holiday season. We even have our own recipe that we’d like to share with you. You can’t go wrong with cheesy pasta paired with delicious smoked meat. A classic favorite among the young and old. Is your mouth watering yet?

2). Grilled Veggies

If you need a few grilled vegetables to balance out your carb-heavy feast, try this recipe on for size. Get your additional nutrients and feel better about yourself for putting something “healthy” on your plate. Plus, we can all agree that anything tastes better on the grill.

3). Grilled Artichokes

There's nothing like a fresh artichoke seared over the grill, drizzled with butter and served with garlic dip. It tastes so good you might even forget you’re eating a vegetable! Find our favorite grill-ready recipe here.

4). Bacon Jalapeño Poppers

YUM, BACON. Every holiday, our families request bacon jalapeño poppers for a side. They have just the right amount of flavor and kick to keep you satisfied between each bite. Want even more of a kick? Keep the jalapeno seeds inside a few of them and separate them from the pack. They will make your eyes water--you’ve been warned!

5). Loaded Potato Rounds

For a starchy side that the whole gang can get behind, grill up these delicious loaded potato rounds. And since they’re bite-sized, you’ll have more room on your plate for other tasty treats. They’re a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Stock up on BBQ Island’s latest gear before the Holiday season is over. Visit our website or stop by one of our three locations nearest you. Happy grilling!
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