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Top Gas Grills For Outdoor Kitchen Islands in 2023

When you start shopping around for outdoor kitchen island grills and components where do you start? What makes one grill manufacturer different from the other? Well, the answer is actually very simple. It all depends on what YOU want in a grill! There are many factors when trying to decipher what is the '"best" grill, is it quality? Price? Features? Customer service and warranty? Or a combination of it all. 

We have been tracking and surveying for feedback throughout the year and in the article we will be breaking down the top vendors and why customers chose them. Keep in mind these are in no particular order and there are no losers here, we are highlighting the main draws.

Alfresco Grills - These are considered part of the high end luxury grill lines. What customers love most about Alfresco is the versatility with their line. The grills themselves have built in smoker boxes, deep fryer attachments options, griddle attachments, sear zone, rotisserie, and much more. Alfresco has some of the largest selection in other outdoor kitchen components such as bar centers, pizza ovens, refrigeration options, prep stations, warming drawers and MUCH more to complete the island. Check out their Artisan line as well! 

DCS Grills - DCS is one of the most experienced names in the grilling industry, made by Fisher and Paykel. Also in the line of high end luxury grills, they offer two different varieties, a series-7 and series-9. What makes DCS so appealing is the attention to details in this grill. From the v-shaped grates, ceramic tubes, and even a built in storage for grates and accessories, this grill utilizes every inch of space it has. The price point for these grill are amazing for a luxury style grill that will not disappoint. 

Blaze Grills - Blaze grills is one of the most popular grills for 2022 when it comes to affordability while still getting traditional features such as interior lights and rotisserie in their LTE lines. The outdoor kitchen components are just as on par with their grill line offering very competitive and well priced refrigeration, outdoor sinks/bar center, and doors and drawers. This grill line sets a true standard for BBQ Islands. 

Lynx Grills - Another high end luxury grill that we have to dive into. Lynx is one of the most recognizable names in the outdoor kitchen world. The main draw we have seen from our customers to Lynx is the engineering that comes with these grills. They are one of the only true variable temperature sear zones, have options for all trident burner models, and their regular burners are all ceramic to help with heat distribution and cleaning. One of the first companies to come out with a Smart Grill Technology and truly thinking outside of the box with their models. 

Bull Grills - Another great powerhouse name in the grilling world. Our customers love bull grills for the 'work horse' quality and lower price points. These are the perfect grill for a standard island that has the intention of being used on a daily basis. Simple and easy! 

Twin Eagles Grills - This luxury grill line was the most explosive and one of the most high demand manufacturers of 2022 and continuing into 2023. The design and flow of this grill will surely compliment any backyard hardscape. From being one of the first grill to have a built in rotisserie motor, seamless construct and rounded/polished edging, they will always look modern and clean. Made in America and top quality! We of course have to mention their Delta Heat line as well for one of the most popular residential lines and a competitive price point. 

Coyote Grills - Coyote has two different models, a C-series and an S-series. The C-Series is a great product for rental units, apartments or complexes, and other instances of a solid grill for a lower price. The S-Series comes with all the bells and whistles that you want in your own backyard AND it comes at an amazing price tier. These grills are another great grill line when it comes to matching outdoor components - great refrigeration options, sinks, doors and drawers, and much more. 

These are just a few top mentions. 2023 has so many more amazing grill lines. You can shop all of our grills right here at

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