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The Otto Grill Lite
The Otto Grill Lite

The Otto Grill Lite

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The Challenge
Is there anything more difficult to grill at home than that sizzling, melt-in-your-mouth steak you get at a high-end steakhouse? No matter how you grill it or how carefully you prepare the meat, the results never quite measure up!

The Solution 
That's why we developed the Otto 1500 °F Steak Grill. With the Otto Grill, you can cook juicy, tender and flavorful steakhouse-caliber steaks right in your own backyard.

Steakhouse hot, steakhouse fast
The Otto Grill features dual radiant OverFire™ burners which reach 1500°F in just 3 minutes. Conventional grills take much longer to heat up and cook by convection, drying out the food. Otto’s Radiant Technology radiates infrared waves directly into the food, allowing for higher steak-searing temperatures and faster cooking while taking the food-drying out of the equation.

Extreme Temperatures create a wonderful moisture and flavor sealing crust on your steaks
On the Otto Steak Grill, you’ll start by searing both sides of your steaks for just two minutes per side. This is what creates the all-important crust. The phenomenon is called the Maillard Effect which, in layman’s terms, identifies the reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars in the meat that melt together when subjected to high heat.

Cooking with Top Heat is Consistent & Eliminates Flare-ups
A traditional grill cooks from below causing flare-ups from grease and meat juices dripping into the heat source. These flare-ups, in turn, cause variable temperatures, charred food and uneven cooking. On the Otto Grill, steaks are cooked from above so grease drips into a drip pan below. This means no flare-ups to cause uneven cooking.

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