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Meadow Creek BX25 Cabinet Box Smoker
BX25 Cabinet Smoker

Meadow Creek BX25 Cabinet Box Smoker

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Price: $2,899.00
Part Number: BX25

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Now the brand new BX25 offers the same advantages in a smaller size. If you liked the BX50 but thought it's too heavy or too big, you'll love the BX25. It weighs 300 pounds less (about half as heavy) and holds half pans instead of full pans.

The BX25 comes with an auto-feed water system and a 5-gallon water jug for hassle-free water smoking just like that in the BX50. It does an excellent job with or without water, unlike some cabinet smokers on the market, such as the famous Backwoods Competitor. This makes it possible to smoke jerky or anything you want to smoke dry (without the use of water). Known for its fuel efficiency and compact design, BBQ Island recommends this great smoker for both backyard and competition smoking. 

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