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Bromic 500 Platinum Patio Heater - Propane

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The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 500 Series Patio Heater represents the absolute pinnacle of outdoor heating products, combining elegant aesthetics with industry-leading performance to offer value and reliability to premium venues and homes. Able to directionally project a comfortably diffused 39'800 BTU's of radiant heat deeply into open outdoor spaces, the Platinum Smart-Heat Gas is the only gas heater in the world that utilizes glass-ceramic technology to manipulate infrared energy while achieving unparalleled wind resistance.The Bromic 500 Platinum Patio Heater"tinted" ceramic medium of the platinum gas heating series transforms the obtrusive red glare emitted by traditional natural gas heating burners into a soft red glow which conveys a feeling of "warmth". This softened glow does not compromise heat output and is a significant aesthetic improvement not seen in any other gas radiant heaters.

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