Rub It Real Good: Our Top 10 Rubs for Steaks

While some simply prefer salt and pepper to lightly season their meat of choice, many may opt to use specialty rubs to add a flavorful kick to their meal. Though some cuts of meat pack powerful flavor on their own, some can be thought of as a blank canvas to experiment with different herbs and spices.

BBQ Island offers a variety of options for seasonings and rubs, but it can be hard to choose one if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for! Luckily, we’re here to help you narrow down the choices with some of our personal favorites. Check out our Top 10 Steak Rubs:

  1. Big Swede Bad Ass Beef Boost — This bold, and frankly badass beef rub is perfect for ribeyes, beef ribs, or burgers. Well-rounded in flavors with sweet, hot, and salty, this rub will give your meat a competition-level boost.

  2. Slavo Salt — Slavo Salt’s Original All-Purpose Seasoning is made for everything. This simple seasoning, made with fresh garlic, kosher salt, and black pepper will enhance, but not overwhelm, any dish you’re cooking up - meaty or not.

  3. Loot ‘n Booty What’s Your Beef Rub — A true champion’s beef seasoning, What’s Your Beef? Rub’s speciality blend is perfect for brisket, steaks, or tenderloin, sure to please any crowd with a perfect score.

  4. Jess Pryles Hardcore Carnivore — No better seasoning than a hardcore seasoning! And this new Gluten Free and MSG free rub is just that — plus it’s made with charcoal, for a dark, bold, and badass look! This rub will make your meat taste and look as hardcore as you are.

  5. TRUEBUD The General — Truebed’s The General Rub award-winning beef rub is a classic blend that will kick your BBQ’d meal up a notch. But be warned, your guests will be coming back for more.

  6. Oakridge Carne Crosta — “Carne Crosta”, which is “beef crust” in Portuguese, is a 100% natural, gluten and MSG free signature rub. Made with locally roasted Brazilian coffee, fine flake sea salt, garlic, and chilies, among other flavorful ingredients, this rub is a game-changer for anything you’re throwing on the grill.

  7. Big Poppa Smokers Double — An all-around crowd pleaser, Big Poppa Smokers Double Secret Steak Rub is perfect for both the outdoor BBQ and the kitchen! This secret seasoning blend is all you need to be a winner on the grill.

  8. Killer Hogs Steak Rub — Our friends at Killer Hogs offer a variety of rubs and sauces to turn your steak up a notch, but we love their classic Steak & Chop Rub, created specifically for grilling over an open flame. This authentic and classic flavor is perfect for steak, chops, chicken, and so much more!

  9. Meat Church Holy Cow — Holy cow is right. Spice up your chicken, briskets, tri-tip, and steaks with this gluten and MSG free rub that’ll make you feel like your BBQ is straight out of Texas.

  10. R Butts R Smokin’ R Beef Rub — If you want to bring out natural beef flavors while grilling, this seasoning is the one for you. This competition winning rub delivers with a mixture of peppers and herbs that will give your meat a special kick you won’t forget.

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