How to Grill Cheese

When you think of grilled cheese, you’re probably picturing the well-known bread, butter, and cheese combo. What if we told you that you could cook certain cheeses directly on the grill, without using any bread? There’s such a thing as a “grilling cheese,” you ask? You’d better believe it!

One of the grill masters at BBQ Island is here to show you how to easily heat up some tasty grilled cheeses for you to try at home.

Here’s what you need to know after reviewing the video:

·We purchased the cheeses from Baiz Market.

·The grill we used in this video is our Lynx Professional All Sear Propane Gas Grill.

·To keep the grilling cheese from falling through the grill rack, we used a GMG BBQ Mat, which can be used for veggies and fish as well.

Grilling Order

1. Kefalograviera cheese – Keep the heat low, no more than 350°F. We recommend seasoning with ground pepper and Kosmos Killer Bee Honey Rub. A gas or charcoal grill works best for this cheese.

2. Halloumi – Set your grill to 300°F. Keep a close eye on this cheese; you’ll know it’s done once you see golden brown sear marks. Pair with pita bread.

3. Grilling cheese – Set your grill to 300°F. This cheese does best set on the GMG BBQ Mat. Grilling cheese is finished when the outside is golden brown. You can pair this cheese with a tortilla.

Have you made a dish with grilled cheeses before? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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