Happy Earth Day: Sustainable Grilling Tips

We gotta love her! Today we celebrate Mother Earth and all that she does for us. Earth Day is a great chance for all of us to educate ourselves on what we can do to work towards a cleaner and greener earth. There are many steps that we can all take to care for her and protect her, including while we’re using the grill! Here are a few sustainable tips to keep in mind while firing up your barbecue:

  • It’s all in the charcoal — We all love charcoal grills, but unfortunately the carbon footprint emitted from coals when burned is enormous. Don’t worry just yet, though! Charcoal made in the U.S. is the best option, and lighting up your coals without starter fluid makes a big difference. We recommended the Looftlighter charcoal starter, which is clean, safe and easy to use. If you’re looking to make the most ecological move, electric grills are the way to go.

  • Put a lid on it! While grilling, use a lid and vents if possible to help control the temperature. Plus, closing the lid will help cook the the food from all sides evenly for a tasty meal!

  • Use grass-fed beef… The proof is in the meat itself. Grass-fed products mean that the animals are happier and healthier, resulting in tender meat that’s tastier and better for you. That’s right, not only is grass-fed better for the environment because it produces less water pollution and supports organic pasturing, but it’s good for you too! There are typically less calories and more nutrients in grass-fed products, leaving you 100% satisfied and 100% guilt-free.

  • … and organic vegetables — The more vegetables you’re grilling, the less of a nasty global footprint you’ll leave. Organic vegetables, like grass-fed beef, eliminates contamination of soil and water, plus avoids the use of synthetic chemicals that you don’t want in your body. It’s a win-win. Check out these tips for grilling your favorite veggies.

  • Clean up green! Yes, you can make a positive impact even while cleaning! Wipe down your grill with our BBQ Island Grill Cleaner, an organic, non-toxic solution made with cactus enzymes — a safer and cleaner alternative to toxic and abrasive cleaners. Additionally, we recommend using reusable plates and utensils for your next BBQ. If you can’t avoid the paper plates and plastic spoons, make sure you have a recycling bin that’s easily seen by your guests for eco-friendly disposal. The less trash, the better! And don’t forget to save your leftovers. Why waste food when you can eat it the next day?

You can still have a great grilling session while taking the right steps for our planet. She’ll thank you later.

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