Grill Your Way to Their Heart This Valentine’s Day

We all know that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. When all else fails, surprising your significant other with their favorite meal will surely satisfy both partners’ cravings, and ideally, spark some smokin’ hot romance.

This Valentine’s Day, skip the reservations and the hefty bill, and treat your significant other to a home-cooked meal. A home-cooked date night allows you to personalize the meal how your partner loves it and allows you to create the perfect ambiance right at home. Ditch the paper plates and beer cans and create a romantic setting that you both will love. (Pro tip: weather permitting, set up your dinner for two next to one of our premium fire pits for a cozy and romantic night outdoors!). This year, we’re cooking up our meal on our Lynx Natural Gas Grill that is sure to steal hearts. And what better way to spice things up than with some added flavor? Try prepping your meat with savory marinades or seasonings like the Hardcore Carnivore Black for an unforgettable taste.

Additionally, opt for a more elevated choice than chicken wings or burgers (yes, we love those too). We suggest grilling lobster tails or prepping tender lamb chops for your Valentine’s Day feast. Not your thing? Roasting a Prime Rib is simple, delicious, and is a fan-favorite for all meat lovers. These tips from Traeger Grills will get you right on your way to the perfect roast. Grill veggies and bake potatoes right on your gas grill for an all-in-one prep to complete your heart-melting meal.

And remember – no Valentine’s Day is complete without wine and dessert. So spark some flames this week and show your significant other how much you care with a thoughtful meal, grilled with love.

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