Behind the Pit interview with Brad Prose of Chiles and Smoke

Did you have a career before BBQ or has this always been your passion? ?

Cooking, specifically BBQ, has always been a passion.

How did you come up with the brand name ?“Chiles And Smoke”?? ?
I wanted to make a global name that could be easily recognized. Most types of cuisine have chiles and BBQ, so I wanted people to have a personal recognition to the brand right awa?y.

What moment in your BBQ career are you MOST proud of? ?

Having Omaha Steaks reach out and ask me to represent them with my food. I was absolutely shocked, being a nobody, they saw my food and understood my brand. Offered to help me grow and support my vision.

What is your most popular Blog and why do you think that is? ?

The Garlic Mojo Skirt Steak recipe is my most popular one. It sounds sexy. It’s incredibly easy to do and you end up with an amazing sauce you can use for other food too.

Get The Recipe:

Do you have any new products in the works? Can you share any details? ?

I’m keeping up with recipes and launched my IGTV series called In The Kitchen, where I talk about new recipes for just a couple minutes. My food is sometimes complex, so I wanted to provide a relatable way to communicate my thoughts with the hope of having more people understand it quicker.

What do you think people love most about? you and your brand??? 

I take BBQ and share ways to elevate it, just enough, to make it stand out on your dinner table. I’m using some new ingredients and combinations that aren’t always traditional - it keeps the food exciting.

Do you have any plans to compete in the coming months? 

Right now I’m in a competition through ChefsRoll, a global chef’s organization that brings awareness to the food industry. My mission is to cook lamb from New Zealand, elevated, and the prize is a new grill and a trip to visit the area.

Do you have any cooking classes/demos coming up? ?

My goal is to continue to build that type of content online, using IGTV right now. The recipes on my website will coordinate with the video content.

Do you want to say anything to all your fans, followers, and supporters?? 

Thank you for believing in me, and encouraging me along the way to stick with my style even if it’s the difficult path. I’ve made so many great connections and relationships through the BBQ community.
Do you have any words of wisdom for those who are looking to make a name for themselves in the world of Barbecue? 

?Have fun. That’s the number one rule, everything else you do will be a negative experience if you’re not having fun. If you’re trying to grow a brand or a business and it’s not fun - step back, cook simple & fun recipes you love, and regroup.

Closing Thoughts: ?Don’t be afraid to try new things. Question everything you read and hear about the BBQ process. Taste your food. Take notes. Everyone out there has strong opinions and the “right ways” to accomplish something and I’m here to tell you there are many ways to get to the end result. Have fun!
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