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Increasing the width of your BBQ Island will allow you to add a second cooking component. You may think you can squeeze a second cooking device into a 5' island, but you will most likely be unhappy with the result. It simply does not leave enough room to set things on the counter. Adding a side burner really expands the variety of food you can prepare in your outdoor kitchen. With a side burner you can fry turkeys, simmer marinades and cook food in a wok. In the diagram below the two components are evenly spaced on the counter top. You may want to consider pushing both units to the outside of the island. This creates a large working space between the two units making prep and cooking much easier.

BBQ Island - 7 ft
BBQ Island - 7 ft

7 ft BBQ Island - Front View
  • Grills: 24", 26", 30", 32", 36"
  • Side Burners: single or double
  • Access Doors: single, double or combo unit
  • Storage drawers: single, double, triple or combo unit

The homeowners here decided on a straight island with the Summerset 32" TRL grill on the left and Summerset single sideburner on the right leaving the middle of the island open for platters and prep work. Centered beneath the grill are BBQ Island 30" double access doors, in the middle are BBQ Island triple storage drawers w/paper towel dispenser and a 17 x 24"  BBQ Island trash recycle rollout on the right under the sideburner. Consider adding lighting to your island as well as a GFCI electric outlet as you may want to power up a blender for the perfect margarita or fire up the grill for a late night burger!


This island is approximately the same size as the one above and a good example of the different ways you can incorporate components into your island. On the left end sits the 32" Summerset TRL grill with a BBQ Island 15"x 24" Drop in Cooler on the right, leaving room in the middle for plates and platters. Centered below the grill is the BBQ Island 30" Door w/2 Drawer Combo to store your grillware, and within arms reach of the grill, is the BBQ Island Trash Recycle Rollout

Photos & builds - Terra Vida Landscape.