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Chicago Brick Oven 750 Traditional Countertop
CBO-750 Traditional Countertop Model (Copper Vein Finish)

Chicago Brick Oven 750 Traditional Countertop

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The Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 traditional countertop model has a cooking surface that measures 40" x 27" and has a 17" wide opening. The oven is made of the high grade refractory materials that have Alumina, Silica and stainless steel fibers throughout the entire mixture. This mixture of materials helps prevent thermal shock, expansion and cracking.

The insulation blanket increases heat retention and the ovens unique shape creates a Flameroll which pulls the flame horizontally across the top of the dome and then vertically back down the side, creating higher temperatures for superior cooking. This design allows the oven to reach temperatures in excess of 1,000° F. The CBO-750 uses three methods to cook efficiently, convection, radiant and conduction. The CBO-750 includes a pizza peel, stone brush and infrared thermometer gun. Like all Chicago Brick wood-fired brick ovens, the 750 countertop model is made right here in the USA.

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