Finding the right built in gas grill for your backyard

Cooking is an exciting activity. Moreover during the festive winter season with Thanksgiving, Halloween & Christmas all slated within a span of 2 months. Close gatherings call for an adequate set up for cooking & grilling food to be served to large groups. It is important to have the best outdoor barbecue equipment in such situations. 

Built-in-gas grills are a must-have to host a barbecue party in your backyard. As the name suggests, built-in-grills are installed within a structure or built into it. With America having witnessed the culture of outdoor cooking for the longest time, outdoor kitchens & equipment are hot sellers. 

There are many brands to choose from and even more products. Therefore, it is essential to keep a few things in mind before you choose a built-in-gas grill for your home.

Choose the Gas As Per Your Usage:

When it comes to gas-grills, the most important and fundamental choice to be made is that of the gas to be used. There are two - Propane and Natural Gas. While both have pros and cons of their own, pick yours according to your requirements and usage. 

While Natural gas is cheaper than Propane, it is required in double the volume. Usually, a much more elaborate infrastructure is required to set up a Natural gas pipeline, you can get liquid propane tanks that are movable from one place to the other. Natural gas will turn out to be a more economical choice for you if you have frequent barbecue parties and use your gas grill a lot. 

Get a propane tank or underground in-built propane can be used if you have limited usage. Having said that, a natural gas grill is confined to one spot and cannot be moved, this, however, is not the case with a propane tank. 

Stainless Steel For Built-in-gas grills:

When equipment is installed into a main solid structure, it ensures longevity. For built-in gas grills, ensure that you choose one that is made of 304-grade stainless steel and is therefore long-lasting. They are of superlative quality and can withstand the test of time. 

Stainless steel is also lightweight, can resist rust for a long time and is cost-effective. As opposed to built-in gas grills, standalone gas grills may be more exposed to damage or corrosion and may not last as long.

Choose The Right Brand:

With it being a popular installation, there are numerous options available for gas grills in America. Some of the popular brands that are used in America are Alfresco, BBQ Island Grills, Alturi, Blaze Grills etc. Pick the perfect one for your backyard here. Invest in a good quality gas grill that sustains for a long period of time, even if it is higher than the average price. 

Reputed brands provide good quality products and also provide good customer after-sale service. Even if there is a requirement of replacing any part of your grill, you can always go back to the trusted brand. Model upgrades can also easily be accommodated in your built-in gas grill. 

Pick One With Unmatched Style & Convenience:

Choose a built-in-gas grill that easily merges with the design and aesthetic of your outdoor setup. A built-in-gas grill will never be an eye-sore or look odd in your backyard. You may also choose to expand around the gas grill in-keeping with the size and shape of the equipment. 

It is easily possible to set up an outdoor kitchen around your grill and not even have your guests be able to spot it!

Choose The Right Size & Material:

Built-in-gas grills can be made up of various materials including aluminium, Stainless steel, cast iron. Each material has benefits of its own. For instance, Aluminium is in-expensive, lightweight and prevents rust and discolouration. Stainless steel is also long-lasting and is touted to be the best material for building built-in gas grills. 

Choose the right material depending upon the climate and the area you live in. Ensure to keep your grill covered at all times to increase its life cycle. Specifically, in winters and rainy seasons, it is essential to shield your grill from water. Size of the grill needs to be deciphered keeping in mind the area of your backyard. 

Most of us end up with extremely large backyard gas grills that may be difficult to accommodate in the given area. It is essential to understand that there is a requirement of 300 square inches of cooking space for a family of four. The material and size of the gas grill are two of the most important factors that play a role in buying the gas grill therefore have to be taken into consideration. 


Having the right gas grill installed in your backyard will enable you to host those barbecue parties that you’ve always wanted to. Just ensure that you pick the right one given your space and the climatic conditions. It is important to take your facilities and infrastructure in mind before investing in something as substantial as a built-in-gas grill. 

Get a chance to build your dream outdoor kitchen featuring state of the art gas grill equipment with BBQ Island Inc. Make sure that you study the manual or take professional help from those who install your grill. This is essential to ensure security while using a built-in-gas-grill. A built-in-gas grill is a long term investment and is, therefore, an important one. Choose wisely only with BBQ Island. 

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