Comparing Gozney's Arc and Arc XL with the Dome - A Comprehensive Guide

Comparing Gozney's Arc and Arc XL with the Dome - A Comprehensive Guide

Gozney, a brand synonymous with innovation in outdoor cooking, has once again expanded its horizon with the introduction of two remarkable pizza ovens: the Gozney Arc and the Gozney Arc XL. These ovens have set a new benchmark in the world of outdoor cooking, combining sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched cooking performance. Let’s delve into what makes these ovens stand out and how they compare to the iconic Gozney Dome.

The Gozney Arc Series: Compact Elegance Meets Exceptional Performance

The Gozney Arc series brings together compactness and spacious cooking interiors in a way that has never been seen before in outdoor ovens. Both the Arc and the Arc XL are designed to cater to those who seek restaurant-quality pizza at home, with an ease of use that is unrivaled.

Gozney Arc XL: The Pinnacle of Outdoor Cooking

The Arc XL, the larger of the two, is touted as the world's most advanced compact oven. Despite its seemingly compact exterior dimensions (530mm x 629mm x 342mm), the Arc XL boasts an ample cooking space (427mm x 517mm x 173mm) that easily accommodates a 16” pizza. It’s powered by an innovative lateral rolling flame and a revolutionary burner that replicates the traditional wood-fired oven's flame, ensuring even and consistent heat distribution.

With an intuitive flame control, the Arc XL makes it astonishingly simple to churn out restaurant-quality pizzas in 60 seconds or less. Weighing in at 26.5 kg (58.5 lbs), it's relatively portable for its size and functionality.

Gozney Arc: The Essence of Innovation

The Arc may be the smaller sibling, with external dimensions of 480mm x 564mm x 342mm, but it doesn’t lag in performance. It’s designed to handle 14” pizzas, catering to those with slightly less space. Like the Arc XL, it features the same lateral rolling flame and burner technology, ensuring that each pizza receives the perfect amount of heat for an evenly cooked, delicious crust. Weighing 21.5 kg (47.5 lbs), the Arc is even more portable while maintaining the quality and efficiency Gozney is known for.

Comparison with the Gozney Dome

The introduction of the Arc and Arc XL brings a fresh perspective to Gozney's range, complementing the already popular Gozney Dome. The Dome, known for its versatility (able to roast, smoke, steam, or bake), offers a different kind of outdoor cooking experience. It's larger and heavier (128lb without packaging) than both Arc models and requires more space.

One of the Dome's standout features is its suitability for both indoor and outdoor use when correctly ventilated, providing flexibility that the Arc series, being purely outdoor ovens, doesn't offer. However, the Dome's oven mouth is slightly narrower (16.1" wide) compared to the maximum pizza size the Arc XL can accommodate.

The Verdict

Choosing between the Gozney Arc, Arc XL, and Dome ultimately depends on your specific needs. If space is at a premium but you're not willing to compromise on cooking capacity, the Arc XL offers the perfect balance. For those with even tighter spaces, the Arc provides a compact solution without sacrificing performance. The Dome, on the other hand, is ideal for culinary enthusiasts seeking versatility and the option for indoor use.

Regardless of your choice, Gozney's commitment to quality, innovation, and design ensures that any of these ovens will elevate your outdoor cooking experience, turning every meal into a memorable event.

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