Best Pellet Grills and Pellet Smokers for 2023

Best Pellet Grills and Pellet Smokers for 2023

The Best Pellet Grills In 2023

No doubt pellet grills have taken the BBQ world by storm over the last year, becoming one of the most popular methods of cooking in both competition and casual backyard cookouts. The ease of use and quality of the cooking has certainly given charcoal smokers a run for their money.


We have certainly seen a lot of upcoming brands of Pellet Grills in 2023 as well as updates to previous fan favorites. There are a lot of different aspects we need to consider when trying to chose top pellet grills. Is it the price for the grill? Features you get? Quality of the smoker? It can be different for everyone, but we hope this list (in no particular order), will help break down why each grill is getting such spotlight in the BBQ industry.


Green Mountain Grills (as seen in picture) - We figured this is the perfect grill to start with since it seems to cover all criteria of what enthusiast looks for and is one of the most well rounded. They have three different models: Trek, Ledge, and Peak. The Trek is for portable use and the Ledge/Peak are similar grills just different sizes. Recently they have came out with rotisserie kits and pizza oven attachments which really makes it stand out in features. Interior lights also gives it huge brownie points since its the most overlooked but helpful feature. Temperature ranges seem to be on par with most other entry level models but this grill is at an AMAZING price point, one of the cheapest for the size. 


Camp Chef - This company has seen one of the biggest growths over the year especially with the launch of their WoodWind Pro models late 2022. Another grill that is very competitively priced with the entry level pellet grill but has an optional feature called 'Sidekicks' that differentiate it from others. The Sidekicks attach on the side of the grill and come in two different options - either the sear zone smoker box or a flat top griddle. These are propane attachments but really bridge the gap between what could be missed in a gas grill. Lots of accessories for this grill as well which places it on one of our top pellet grills for 2023.


Cookshack - An honorary mention for this company due to the fast that they offer residential models as well as commercial/kitchen grade models. If you are looking for a pellet smoker for a food truck, restaurant, catering business, or any other major cooks, this company has the market on lock! They do have a PG500 model that is full stainless steel and has an direct and indirect cooking area for residential use. 


Coyote Pellet Smoker - These new pellet grills launched about a year ago and has had nothing but good feedback with the new Gen 2 models. Build in and freestanding grill capabilities along with a stainless steel construct. Digital user interface and plenty of amazing features with one of the best pellet grill warranties on the market. The grill itself one of the least expensive for being in the higher tier quality. 


Memphis Pellet Grills - One of the nations leading manufacturers and one of the first true built in Pellet Smokers. They recently released their new ITC3 models which has full 304 Stainless Steel Construction, dual pellet feeders and augers, one of the highest reaching temperature pellet grills with direct flame inserts to be able to act as a gas grill with fast cooking. One of the more expensive options in the higher quality tier pellet grills but this is one of the only grills that you can really utilize for searing and higher temperature cooks as well as low and slow smoking. This will replace any gas grill as well as any smoker for an all in one solution.


We hope this information helps guide you to what fits your best needs! If you need any more information on Pellet Grills and smokers you can reach out to any of our store locations or email us. 


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