Top Tips For Healthy Grilling

Grilling is a safe and delicious way to prepare food. But it’s important to know the ins and outs of safe cooking. Our BBQ Island staff has explored the following ways that you can prepare healthy and flavorful grilled foods. Check out these top tips:

1. Keep Your Grill Clean

Bust out that grill scraper brush before and after each cooking session. Cleaning your grill regularly reduces the buildup of unwanted carcinogens and also minimizes the appearance of rust, which makes your food both healthier and tastier. We recommend the BBQ Island Grill Cleaner!

2. Marinate Meats

According to a Kansas State University study comparing marinating recipes, marinated meats contain 57-88 percent less carcinogens after grilling versus non-marinated meat. While the reason for this is still uncertain, researchers suggest that marinades might create a shielding barrier between the heat of the grill and meats. Reduce your marinating times with the Marinade Express.

3. Minimize Charring

While charring meat can improve its flavor and is somewhat unavoidable with certain foods, keeping char to a minimum is optimal. Consider shaving off excessively charred portions before consumption.

4. Banish Flare Ups

The best way to reduce charring is to keep an eye on flare-ups and avoid excessive smoke, especially when grilling fatty foods. If carcinogens are a concern for you, consider grilling leaner meats and alternatives like fish and poultry. Or, try cooking on a Saber, which uses indirect heat so your food never comes in contact with the flames.

5. Reduce Size, Reduce Cook Times

Cube or slice food into smaller portions. This allows your grilled items to cook faster. It also reduces exposure to carcinogens by minimizing the risks for charring and excessive smoke. We also recommend that you avoid cooking meats past their prime cooking temperatures.

6. More Than Just Meat

Consider putting veggies, fruits and even pizzas on the grill for a new and exciting meal experience. Choose nutrient rich foods to complement your diet, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

We Make Safer Grilling Easy

Here at BBQ Island in Arizona, we have an array of gas, charcoal and electric grills including a variety of technologically advanced models with features that can help you prepare your meals in a healthy way like the Memphis Pro, Lynx Smart Grill, or the brand new Traeger Timberline. Take a look at our smoking hot online deals and specials available at our Scottsdale, Tempe, and Peoria AZ locations today.

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