Top Lists and Trends moving into 2019

What are the determining factors that puts together a top list?

For Grills and Smokers it really is not that simple, we had to consider what exactly makes a grill the best. Is it price? What about functionality and versatility? Luxury features? Durability? Warranty and Customer Service? Cosmetics and looks? This could go on for a while!

This list is based on a ratio of the factors above, customer feedback, personal experience, Pitmaster insight, and overall sales for the year. These are in no particular order and we understand everyone has their own opinions! 

Lets get going!

Top Gas Grills

Summerset TRL - Rotisserie, Interior and Exterior Lights, Ceramic Briquettes, and U-Shaped Burners all at an affordable price point. The Summerset TRL is not new in 2018/19 but it continues to make the list with its functionality and a light touch of the basic luxury features. A great mid range grill suitable for everyone! 

Delta Heat - From the creators of Twin Eagles so you know this line has quality written all over it, and an amazing manufacture warranty that backs it all up. This being considered a step up above the average grill without stepping into the top tier grill price range. One thing that we love about Delta is the seamless front hood, easily one of the best for durability, you can tell the difference and how it feels. 

Alfresco - When we think of versatility we think of versatile and luxury. Considered a high end commercial grade grill, the Alfresco line does not hold back on features and accessories. Cooking pods, griddles, wok adapters, steamer and fryer, and tiered grates are just to name a few of the add-ons the Alfresco engineers have created. One of our higher price points but comes with all the bragging rights! 

Sedona By Lynx - Comparable to the Delta Heat Line, this is an easier price point from the creators of Lynx gas grills. One fun feature that always wins us over on this grill is the spring assisted hood! It makes lifting the full 304 stainless steel hood a breeze, and a three piece handle rotates as you open it. This is just some of the small things Lynx thinks of that make a difference. A great mid/upper tier grill at a great price point, again packed with all the features. 

Lynx - Another power house grill in the top tier commercial grade grills. Lynx is no newbie in the grill game and they are a personal favorite here at BBQ Island. Leading in innovation and ingenuity these grills pack some of the best features in a grill, such as their all ceramic burners. WHAT? Yes, all ceramic burners with 50K BTU's. Self cleaning and never clog! Durable, power, luxury, cosmetics, and a great company to work with for support! Check out their new SMART Grills! 

AOG -  A great workhorse grill that will last a while at a very affordable price. A great contractors grill and perfect for apartment complexes or businesses looking to create an outdoor BBQ Island. Comes with standard features. 

Blaze LTE - Another personal favorite here at BBQ Island and one of the best "bang for your buck" grills. Blaze's growth rate in 2018 is one of the largest and trending out of all the line. The LTE is an amazingly built grill with some of the best practical features at one of the best price points. They are top of the list for sales throughout the year and is friendly to all users. Side note* they also make great outdoor refrigerators and a really cool aluminum Kamado grill!

DCS Series-9 - A grill with its own storage space? With the brand new in 2018 Series-9 by DCS that is just a small fun feature you get. This grill has amazing grill surface and built for versatility with all the different types of ways it can be set up. Also it reaches up to 1100 degrees F! 

BBQ Island Grills - No bias here at all we promise! BBQ Island grills have always been one of our number one sellers. Why? 304 Stainless Steel, ceramic briquettes, U-Shaped burners, at the best price point we have to offer. Having all the standard features any grill should have with a few extras sprinkled in, this grill is perfect for any situation! 

Top Pellet Grills and Smokers

Memphis Grills - Do we have a Memphis here in the office that we cook on every week? Yes! We can confidently say this is one of our personal favorite pellet grills on the market. Why? The Memphis beats out temperature ranges of other Pellet Grills getting up to 650 Degrees. This gives it the ability to grill, while other pellet smokers have a tough time with that. Another great feature, they are made for built in island as well. Almost all other pellet grills are free standing while Memphis has perfected the technology to build theirs into an Island. Amazing quality and construction all around on this one! 

Traeger Pro 34 Series - You cant say pellet grill without talking about Traeger. One of the biggest names in the game and a fan following as far as the eye can see. They built a huge backing with their sauces, rubs, pellets, accessories, clothing, recipes, and basically everything else under the sun! Well rounded pellet smokers that wont let you down! 

Traeger Timberline - The "high end" line Traeger recently came out with has made a huge impact on their brand name. With new Rolling Smoke technology it doesn't need the traditional exhaust and created a nice even heat distribution. You can tell by the weight of this beast that it is made with quality. 

Green Mountain Grills - This broke our sales chart for 2018. GMG growth expansion in 2018 is truly a sight to see. Our most popular Pellet smoker sold by a long shot and quickly becoming a huge competitor of Traeger. They offer a pulsating fan to regulate temps which is huge bonus points and a higher shaped cooking area makes Turkeys and larger sizes meats much easier to handle. What wins it is the price point! 

Cookshack PG500 - Versatility! This pellet grill has both a direct flame and smoke area without having to remove or add anything. The only down side to this is it does eat away at some of the surface cooking space. Full Stainless Steel construct at a great price point Fast Eddies PG500 is a well priced and well built smoking machine! 

Louisiana Grills Estate Series - Another grill that has been creeping up in sales number and following is the Louisiana Estate series. This is another grill that can be built in which always generates a buzz. A well built pellet smoker at a great price point as well! 

Twin Eagles Pellet Smoker - This is brand brand new, as in only has been on the market for about a month. Coming from Twin Eagles we know this is already going to top the luxury line, and it does! With full touchscreen display and built in capabilities this smoker set the bar on a whole new level. This grill is basically does all the work for you and ensures the food comes out perfect every time! The only set back is this grill does come at a healthy price point!

Top Charcoal Grills and Smokers

The Good-One Smokers - We love the good-one smokers here at BBQ Island for many reasons. Functionality and durability . Lots of surface space for cooking and not many moving parts so they are made to last forever! 

Pit Barrel Cooker - Well known around the competition ring is the pit barrel cooker. Don't fix something that is not broken right? This barrel is a simple concept but gets the job done perfectly, very easy to learn and use. One fun thing is you do hang your meat from hooks! 

Meadow Creek - Amish made, and they know what they are doing! Some of the best smokers and built like a tank, literally! These bad boys are made to order so they do take a while in the processing to finally get to you but well worth the weight! Hand crafted to perfection. 

Coyote - Coyote grills are very familiar in the gas grill world, but they make a great built in charcoal smoker as well! Along with a hybrid grill to have best of both worlds. Well priced and having a built in charcoal grill is just cool! 

Bull - Along with Coyote, a familiar name in the gas world, they also make an amazing charcoal smoker. Both built in and free standing at a super affordable price! 

Cajun Preaux - Ok not many people know about this grill. But they are super cool! They win the innovation and ingenuity award for charcoal. Two separate adjustable charcoal trays make it easy to sear and smoke at the same time. Very versatile, built in and on cart models available, great price point. The cosmetics make it look like one mean grilling machine! 

Thanks, for taking a look at our top lists! We know these are all debatable and we would love to hear your feedback or nominations! Feel free to leave your comment below! 

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