Top 10 BBQ Island Components That Every Hardscape Needs

BBQ Island is here to help you put together a beautiful and functional outdoor cooking space. We’ve put together of list of all of the necessities with a few luxury additions for the more adventurous cooks! The list below will start you off with the knowledge you need to create the outdoor island perfect for you and your needs.

Top 10 BBQ Island Components That Every Hardscape Needs

The Grill – Let’s start with the obvious. The grill sets the pace for the rest of the Island. Some people like to have matching brand equipment throughout the island, some don’t mind white labeled (generic) doors, drawers, and other components.

  1. Doors and Drawers – A necessity and must have on any island. It is code to have access to the interior of an island for emergency gas shut offs. Also for installation purposes and running the lines. Drawers are perfect for storing utensils and other tools you use while cooking. Combination units are best if you have the room!

Now for the fun stuff:

  1. Refrigerators – One of the most common luxury components to have in an island. A few tips and tricks, these are rough to have in extreme climates. Do NOT look for the cheapest refrigerator while exploring options or you’ll run into issues. Also, make sure it is UL outdoor rated.

  1. Drop In Coolers – This is a great alternative to refrigerators. If you live in a climate that isn’t ideal for owning an outdoor fridge, this is your best bet!

  1. Island Built In Lights – Cooking in the dark is never fun and can kill the atmosphere. Make sure your island is will lit with mounted hardwired lights. If your island is not built with outlets then try getting some battery or solar powered lights that mount. LED bulbs are always a plus. This is one of the most common purchases made AFTER the island is built when people come to realize how dark and uninhabitable it is without light. We recommend the Focus Lights.

  1. Trash Rollouts/Chutes – Quick and easy clean up and it saves you multiple trips inside to dispose of any waste. It also helps aesthetically by relieving you of an external trash can sitting around while also removing the unpleasantries of odor issues and bug attraction that a regular trash can can bring.

  1. Paper Towel Dispenser – One of the easiest things to make room for and well worth it. Every grill expert knows how important paper towels can be. Make life easy on yourself! Also with the Trash rollout combo mentioned above it make all the difference in keeping your space clean and organized.

  1. Side Burners and Power Burners – This helps to keep all the cooking to the island. For instance, if you have side dishes in pans, pots, or griddles you need to cook up, you don’t have to use the stove inside. The power burner makes for some fun wok cooking or stock pot fish boils!

  1. Beverage Centers/Sinks – This is a highly underestimated feature that can be a huge help for cleaning up as well as making drinks! If you are looking to make your backyard island the center of attention then this is a must have. We like the Blaze or Lynx Beverage Centers

After going through the must haves, be sure not to go overboard with decor and appliances. Make room for what is essential and necessary so as to give you space for cooking and entertaining without added clutter. It’s important to be prepared while also maintaining plenty of open work area and organization to give you and your guests the best outdoor cooking and entertaining experience. If you are interested in more outdoor cooking features, please refer to the list below.

9. Pizza Ovens – These bring ultimate ambiance while impressing all the neighbors. However, they do take up a decent amount of space and might not be used quite as often for day to day cooks.

10. Propane Rollouts – This is just as essential as those in the list above if you rely on propane fuel as it will make your cooking experience that much easier and enjoyable.

Refrigerated or Warming Drawers – While not always a popular addition to an outdoor island, it can be extremely useful.

Vents –  Creating airflow helps with the overall performance of the grill and circulates the heat. After all, we’re trying to cook the food, not ourselves!

We hope this has helped you with any questions or concerns! After reviewing the list, we can’t wait to help you get started building your ideal outdoor cooking oasis! Happy cooking!

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