Tips and Treats From All About Smokin Q Competition Team

When you want to take your grilling game to the next level, who better to learn from than the very best? That's why we at BBQ Island like to highlight BBQ competition teams.

This month, we’re showcasing a team based in Glendale, Arizona. All About Smokin Q is made up of lifelong friends Gary Williams, Keith Robbins and Russ Bolinger. They've been competing together since 2011 and have come away with a first place win for chicken at Laughlin, Nevada in 2016. They have also won many other awards, ribbons and accolades on the Southwestern BBQ competition circuit. Today, the team uses Traeger pellet smokers, Green Mountain pellet smokers and a WSM smoker to work their BBQ magic.

Advice From the Pros

All About Smokin Q has come a long way since their first competition. They entered a KCBS competition thanks to the encouragement of friends who loved their cooking. "Our only goal was not to finish last in our first attempt. Well, we almost failed — but another team got disqualified! After that, we decided to go take a competition BBQ class."

Cooking for the masses is different than grilling in the back yard, but the team at All About Smokin Q has some tips for home cooks, too, including the recommendation to get a good food temperature probe. This is essential to help you determine the doneness of your meat. When it comes to flavor, the team recommends Loot N' Booty rubs and Blues Hog barbecue sauces to give your food a competitive edge. These are both available at BBQ Island. Finally, as their gift to you, they have graciously shared a favorite side dish recipe for your next BBQ event:

Jalapeño Creamed Corn Recipe


2 14-oz. cans creamed corn

2 14-oz. cans whole kernel corn

1 standard package cream cheese

1 small can chopped jalapeños

1 Tbs. sugar

1 Tbs. Loot N' Booty Everything Rub

1 pound chopped, cooked bacon

2 cups half and half or heavy cream


1. In an aluminum pan, stir together all ingredients until thoroughly combined.

2. Place pan uncovered in smoker. Heat uncovered for 30 minutes.

3. Cover pan and continue to heat in Green Mountain smoker until warmed through. Stir before serving to ensure all is blended well.

At BBQ Island, we love supporting competition BBQ teams like All About Smokin Q. We also love taking care of all of your BBQ needs. For more great grilling and smoking tips, come down to BBQ Island in person — we’re here to help you get the most from your grill!
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