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Do you love the taste of a juicy, tender steak but are mystified about achieving mouth-watering steak perfection on your own backyard grill? Well, here’s your chance to learn the tricks of the trade! Sign up today for the ‘Steak 5 Ways’ class being held on April 29th from 11-3pm at BBQ Island in Scottsdale, and discover how it's done from the owner of Big Swede BBQ, Johan Magnusson.

Steak 5 Ways is a Multi-Class Course in Success

Attendees at the Steak 5 Ways Class will learn the various principles and strategies of preparing succulent steaks. This four hour course gives step by step instructions concerning five incredibly mouthwatering ways to prepare steak: grilling, raw, sautéed, smoked, and sous vide styles. This comprehensive class with chef Johan and his associate hosts will also cover:

Selecting the Perfect Steaks

Seasoning and Marinating Techniques

Dry Aging Processes

Common Steak Mistakes

Complementary Side Dishes

How to Cook Steaks Like a Pro

After enrolling for this interactive steak class, you’ll be able to shake your tongs and wave your apron all the way to the grill and deliver steak perfection to your guests.

About Johan “Big Swede” Magnusson

Johan began his grillmaster skills as a child in Sweden, where he’d regularly enjoy grilling and smoking wild game and freshly caught fish. Upon coming to America, he quickly discovered that just about anything was amazing prepared on the grill—when it’s done right! Since then, he’s dedicated his life to exploring and mastering the art of grilling and loves sharing his secrets through local interactive workshops.

Classes Fill Quickly, Register for Steak 5 Ways Today

Spring has sprung, and this class is sure to fill quickly with aspiring grill masters looking to raise their cooking skills to the level of the forthcoming summer heat. Register online at BBQ Island in Scottsdale, for only $50 per person or $75 per couple to secure your spot for this hot class!

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