Reasons to have a Patio Heater this winter

Reasons to have a Patio Heater this winter

As the summer wind slowly makes way for the winter chill, it's time to think about your heating strategy. Having a great patio heater can be a great addition to your home. 

Many people think that they don't work in the winter. However, if you have the right kind of patio heater, you will find that it can keep you warm even when the temperature goes below freezing. Let's take a look to find out if patio heaters are worth it.

Are Patio heaters useful in the winters?

Yes, patio heaters work well in the winters by giving out heat and infrared rays that warm up the air around and make you feel warm and comfortable. Patio heaters are much more effective for the winter months as compared to other appliances like space heaters. This is because appliances like space heaters only give out hot air, which tends to dissipate into the air.

Many restaurants, bars, and offices can be found using patio heaters in the winters to heat the area so that people can remain comfortable and continue to enjoy the outdoors even in the cold. However, there are several different types of patio heaters, and not all of them are built to be used in the same areas.

Types of Patio Heaters

There are primarily two different types of patio heaters based on their fuel source - gas and electricity.

  1. Gas Patio Heaters

Patio heaters that run on gas have small propane or natural gas tank to produce heat. These are portable, and you can easily move them from one part of the patio to another as needed. Some of them come with wheels, which makes them easy to move around. 

It is important to remember that one should never leave a gas patio heater running when there is nobody around to keep an eye on it. An unattended gas patio heater can be a cause of a fire or explosion if the temperature gets too high.

It is also never recommended to use a gas patio heater indoors as the gas fumes can be dangerous if they start to build up inside of a closed room. Many people also prefer to keep a spare gas tank handy in case the heater breaks down.

  1. Electric Patio heaters

The other type of patio heater is the one that runs on electricity. Electric patio heaters make use of an electric heating element to produce heat. A standard wall outlet powers this heating element, but some heaters also come with a battery pack. Electric heaters do not use propane or natural gas to run and are therefore much safer to use than gas patio heaters. Electric patio heaters are also less expensive than gas heaters and tend to last longer as well.

However, the only minor drawback is that electric patio heaters do not produce that much heat as gas heaters. Nevertheless, they are still good at keeping you warm and comfortable in mild winters.

Electric patio heaters work best in mild to moderate winters. If you live in an area that has extremely cold winters and temperatures frequently go below freezing, it is better to invest in a gas patio heater instead of an electric one. If you opt for an electric heater, the temperature settings might not be high enough to keep you warm when the temperature falls below freezing. For mild winters, an electric patio heater is a good choice.

In some places, it is also possible to buy a wood-burning patio heater, which is one of the more affordable options, but there are several disadvantages to buying this type of patio heater. It requires frequent maintenance as the coal and ash inside have to be cleaned out. They are also more difficult to light and are highly unsafe if you leave them unattended or use them indoors. This is because they often produce sparks and embers, which may easily start a fire.

So how do patio heaters keep you warm? Let's take a look.

How does Patio Heater Keep you warm in winters?

Both electric and gas patio heaters work based on a heating element that produces heat. This heat gets released into the air. Over time, the space around you starts to feel warmer and more comfortable. 

Whether the heater works on gas or electricity, the element works by emitting radiant heat. Radiant heat is highly effective in keeping people warm in the cold because it travels through the air. Space heaters heat the air that the heater comes in contact with, while an object that is in line with the heat being radiated from a patio heater will receive the heat first and get heated up as the heat moves through the air.

Still thinking, are patio heaters worth it? Well, another advantage to using patio heaters is that they are better for the environment since they do not emit any pollutants into the air. In the long run, you will also end up saving on fuel when you use a patio heater in the winter as compared to other types of heaters.

So if you are searching for the best patio heater to keep you warm this winter, you will find many top-quality patio heaters to choose from BBQ Island.

And if you know someone who is wondering about whether patio heaters are worth it or not, it is a great idea to let them know about the various advantages of using a patio heater in the winters and ask them to visit our patio heater section to view and select a heater of their choice.

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