Quiz: Match Your Meat to the Sauce

Meat and sauce are two of the most crucial ingredients for a BBQer. Master these, and you can mix-and-match almost anything cooked over coals. Nearly anyone – from novice grillers to seasoned pit masters – can follow a recipe and make mouthwatering barbecue with the help of an amazing built-in grill. The real talent lies in being able to select a sauce that makes the most of the meat you’ve prepared.

At BBQ Island, we understand that every griller has his (or her) own style, taste and sauce preference. While it’s perfectly acceptable to pair meats with any flavorful sauce, there are some sauce-meat combos that make our mouths tingle and our taste buds go ballistic. See if you can match our favorites below.

Meat List:

· Brisket - Plucked from the lower chest of the cow, this cut is mainly muscle with an outer ridge of fat that adds a delightfully melty texture when the meat is made on the grill.

· Pulled Pork - Pork shoulder or “Boston Butt” is slow-cooked to make this fork-tender shredded meat. Use our bear paws to really rip into the prepared piggy.

· Smoked Turkey - Thanksgiving dinner will never be the same once you experience the joy of smoked turkey cooked in a box smoker or on a kamado grill like the Big Green Egg. It’s safer than frying, and imparts a comforting hickory flavor on your bird. CLICK HERE for the full recipe.

· Grilled Chicken - Simple, yet delicious when done right.

· Steak - Top sirloin. T-bone. Ribeye. Nearly any cut can be prepared well on the grill. The trick is to sear steaks at high temp on both sides, flipping only once or twice.


A. Carolina BBQ Sauce (vinegar-based)

There are more regional varieties of BBQ sauce than there are coals in our grill. This style, sometimes referred to as Carolina Gold, is vinegar and mustard based with a sweet finish.

B. White Wine Gravy

This refined sauce from Serious Eats is the prodigal son (or perhaps daughter) of the gravy family. It’s mustard-based with a touch of heat – but mild enough for mom’s finicky palate. Bonus: You can drink leftover ingredients with your feast.

C. Chimichurri

Popular in Argentinean cuisine, this herbaceous green sauce is quick and easy to make. We’re especially fond of this Food & Wine version created by Miami-based chef Michelle Bernstein after a family recipe.

D. Kansas City BBQ Sauce (sweet and tangy)

This is the ‘cue many of us are first introduced to. It’s sweet and thick, with a rich molasses undertone.

E. Dry Rub

Sauce? We don’t need no stinkin’ sauce. Dry rub imparts amazing flavor without the need for extras. As the name implies, a combination of herbs and spices is rubbed directly onto your meat. The result is tender, flavor-packed meat with crisp outer skin.

Answer Key:


E. Well-prepared fatty or lean brisket doesn’t require anything extra.

Pulled Pork

D. Sweet BBQ is a classic with pulled pork. Add slaw for vinegary contrast.

Smoked Turkey

B. Wine-soaked gravy complements any savory fowl.

Grilled Chicken

A. Naturally mild chicken breasts, wings and thighs benefits from the powerful vinegar punch of Carolina’s signature sauce.


C. Argentinean chimi gives depth to juicy, medium-rare steak without overpowering flavorful cuts.

Once you have a handle on meat preparation, you can mix-and-match sauces depending on your preferences. The best part? Extra taste tests. Take a few trial runs with your grill or smoker, using a handful of sauces as dips. Once you have your favorites in hand, dish them up to your friends and family and watch the satisfied smiles emerge. Visit your local BBQ Island store today for more grilling tips, plus the best selection of grills and smokers in the Valley.

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