Outdoor Grill Design For Any Backyard

At BBQ Island, we're proud to be Arizona's premier outdoor grill source. But did you know that people around the country also love our outdoor kitchen equipment? We're so excited to share a beautiful kitchen design all the way from Medford, OR. Take a look at this compact patio kitchen and see if it inspires you to transform your own backyard. These ideas work no matter where you live!

Framing the Perfect View

This kitchen is designed to provide the cook with the best seat in the house. It's oriented so that the view from the grill offers expansive vistas of the lawn and into the hills beyond. It's just as pretty in the daytime as it is at night when the lights of the neighboring houses only add to the ambience. This outdoor kitchen is also well positioned near a patio and a covered seating area for guests. The cook is never too far away from the action and can easily keep up with the conversation while searing up some steak, chicken or ribs. Clever lighting is a wonderful finishing touch that lets the kitchen design shine no matter how late it gets.

Designed for Performance

This L-shaped kitchen features a poured concrete countertop with two levels: standard counter height along the inside for the cook, and bar height along the outside edge. This allows guests to enjoy a drink or pull up a barstool for a snack. The counter is supported by oversized columns of stacked stone and finished with wood grained tile for a rustic look that can hold up to the rainy weather of the Pacific Northwest.

For hardware, this kitchen features a Summerset TRL 32 inch Outdoor Grill with Rotisserie and Lights with a sear zone and accompanying Summerset TRL Double Side Burner. For storage, there's our own BBQ Island 30-inch Single Door and Two Drawer Combo in stainless steel. A fully plumbed Fire Magic Stainless Steel Sink and a Blaze Outdoor Refrigerator provide complete convenience.

Ready to design your own amazing outdoor oasis? Let our team at BBQ Island show you how!

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