How to have a great Christmas BBQ this year!

How to have a great Christmas BBQ this year!

While there are many cuisines to choose from, BBQ is still one of the most popular choices for a holiday feast. A barbecue Christmas is more like a tradition and hosting one is one of the best ways to get family and friends together and have fun.

If you are looking for some great Christmas bbq ideas, you have stumbled on the right piece of information. Here are some tips to host a great evening:

Plan your shopping list:

Plan the menu at least 2 weeks before the D-day. This will help you come up with a shopping list and also give you adequate time to replan if certain requisites are unavailable.

Arrange everything beforehand:

Arrange the space where you are planning to host the BBQ beforehand. This will include organizing the table, chairs, cutlery, food supplies, barbecue supplies, etc. This will save you from any last-minute rush or unpleasant surprises.

Plan the decor:

Some people prefer festive décor with fairy lights, hanging decorations, and Christmas ornaments all around, whereas some others prefer to keep it neutral and classy. Think of a theme and decorate accordingly. Opting for a festive theme will only keep the holiday spirit alive and is a great Christmas BBQ idea.

Plan the music:

Create a playlist well in advance to ensure a fun vibe at the party. Last-minute shuffling through long lists for the perfect song will not be fun. You better save those last moments before the party for other things.

Arrange the grill station:

Right from fuel to tongs and spatulas, ensure that the grilling station has everything that you will need. You don’t want to run around for extra fuel when the guests are around or are shocked that the tools weren’t apt for the heat. Also arrange grill gloves, towels, brushes, and foils in advance.

Pay attention to safety: Safety is paramount and holds even more important than taste. Ensure that the arrangement is in a well-ventilated space. Make the seating arrangement keeping in mind the minimum distance requirements for safety. Also, keep in mind that there are no flammable objects around the grill. Cover the food with cling film or foil when not on the grill to protect it from germs.

Check with your guests if they have any food allergies:

Allergies can be nasty and not knowing about them in advance can put you in a disastrous situation later.

Well begun is half done- ace the starter game:

Who doesn’t love starters? Apart from being delicious, they are also your chance to make the perfect first impression.

Here are some great starters that will make your Christmas BBQ amazing:

  • Munchies: As soon as the guests arrive, you can engage them with munchable BBQ snacks that will not be too heavy. BBQ popcorn is delightfully tasty and very easy to prepare. All you need to do is prepare a batch of BBQ rub and toss in some cooked popcorn or nuts.
  • Sausages: If you are looking for delicious appetizers, smoked sausages are a great way to impress your guests. Serve them sliced along with a dollop of BBQ mustard.
  • Grilled or smoked mushrooms or cottage cheese: Mushrooms make luscious starters and if you are not expecting vegans, cottage cheese is a great idea too.

Keep the main course simple yet delectable: When you serve a wide variety of delicious starters, chances are that most people have only a little appetite for the main course. While you cannot do without the main course, keep it simple. One of the best Christmas BBQ ideas is to smoke the main course. It will help you get an instant and obvious BBQ flavor in your dishes. 

A smoked turkey is one of the most popular choices of Christmas BBQ among enthusiasts. It is a good idea to use a smoker for this so you can have the rest of the over free for other things. You can find a wide variety of smokers at

Prefer BBQ classics over experimentation:

You may be tempted to amaze your guests with some fancy culinary experiments. However, if you wish to cater to all tastes, sticking to the good old classics is a great idea.

Tweak the classics:

While sticking to classics is a good idea, a few twists can help you showcase your culinary acumen and can be a great point of conversation during the gathering. You don’t have to make major changes. Simple substitutes or extra cheese over the steak can amplify the taste.

Barbecue the desserts:

This approach is not overused and is a sure-shot way to delight the guests. This gives the deserts a distinct smoky flavor. If the first thing that came to your mind was roasted marshmallows, you haven’t looked up the endless possibilities on the internet.

Offer a wide variety of dips and condiments:

Condiments and dips can define the success or failure of your spread. You may have put a lot of hard work into getting that perfect steak, but if the dip is not flavorful, it will only dilute your hard work. Offer a wide variety of condiments, including a plethora of fresh herbs for them to choose their perfect combinations. Even for dips, offer all that you can think of. Pickles and jalapenos make great accompaniments for a barbecue.

We hope that the Christmas BBQ ideas above will help you host an impressive BBQ for friends and family. If you are looking for the perfect equipment and tools for your party, you can find high-quality stuff HERE.

All the best! Happy Holidays!

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