Labor Day BBQ Grilling

The best way to celebrate Labor Day? An old-fashioned picnic to celebrate your 3-day break from the working world. At BBQ Island, we love the idea of feeding friends and family with a big spread. Plus, potlucks are a great way for friends and family to bring their favorite dishes to share! If you are hosting this year and love to BBQ, of course you will want the pleasure of grilling up something really special for your guests. Here is one mouth-watering recipe that will make everyone glad that they were invited to your house on Labor Day:

Rotisserie Pork Loin


1 pork loin, cut to the size of your spit rod if necessary

Butcher BBQ Open Pit Pork Injection marinade

Victory Lane BBQ All Purpose BBQ Rub


1. Prepare Butcher BBQ Open Pit Pork Injection according to the directions on the package. Be careful not to add more or less liquid than required – this is a perfectly calculated mix.

2. Remove the pork loin from package, pat dry, then inject liberally with prepared marinade.

3. Place the loin in a Ziploc bag and pour any unused injection marinade over the meat. Refrigerate at least 2 hours.

4. For best results, we recommend cooking rotisserie pork loin on the Caliber Thermashell Pro, the only Kamado-style cooker with an integrated rotisserie. Start the fire with your favorite charcoal and use your favorite wood for pork. When in doubt, we like a mix of Vaughn Pecan and Vaughn Cherry.

5. Bring the temperature of the pit to 250-275 degrees.

6. Remove pork loin from marinade and pat dry. Evenly coat the loin with Victory Lane BBQ All Purpose BBQ Rub and allow the meat to start sweating.

7. Skewer pork loin onto the spit rod and place on the Caliber Thermashell Pro. The cook time will vary depending on pit temp and size of the loin. Cook the loin until the internal temperature is 150 degrees.

Allow the loin to rest 10-15 minutes before slicing. Serve with a creamy coleslaw or an herbed potato salad for an easy and delicious Labor Day picnic. Enjoy!
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