How Often Should You Clean A BBQ Smoker?

To help your pellet smoker live a long and productive lifetime providing delicious, meaty meals, you have to make sure to keep it clean. Good maintenance is important for any type of grill, but pellet grills require slightly different care than the average kettle grill that you drag along to tailgates.

How to Keep a Pellet Smoker Clean

Here at BBQ Island, we usually recommend cleaning a Green Mountain Grill after every third bag of pellets. This is a great benchmark because it works for everyone, no matter how often you use your smoker. The only exception is if you plan to put your smoker into storage for a time. It's always best to store grills clean, no matter how many pellets you still have left.

To clean your pellet grill safely, skip the water – a blast from the hose can ruin all the electronics that carefully calibrate your smoker so your meat is cooked to perfection. If the grate or deflector plate is covered in a greasy build-up, remove them and give them a good scrub as needed, and don't return them until they're completely dry. You shouldn't see much ash, but a quick once-over with a Shop-Vac will take care of any debris.

If you're worried about the exterior of your grill, a plain sponge and dish soap should do the trick. Steel wool is a big no-no, as it can quickly destroy the finish on your grill. You can avoid ever having to clean the outside of your grill if you use a custom-fit grill cover. We always recommend them!

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