Host a socially distanced and safe BBQ during Covid

Host a socially distanced and safe BBQ during Covid

With Covid19 affecting the entire world, nothing is the same as before. From staying indoors for the maximum time and days to maintaining distance from loved ones, this has been a testing time for all. 

And if you are someone who loves traveling, hosting people at home, going out for social gatherings and all, then it’s much harder on your part. 

This summer, barbeque events, and gatherings will also be a bit different with party food during Covid being restrictive, fewer activities to do, and fewer interactions. 

But still, it’s possible to host one such event in your backyard with some precautionary measures and guidelines in place. At least there’s something to celebrate and get along with again over drinks, chit-chats, activities, and party food during Covid.

But the first and foremost guideline on your part, as a host, is to ensure that the area you reside in has relaxations on groups of people gathering. It is always advisable to check on your state’s or local’s Covid19 guidelines before hosting a BBQ at your place.

Some of the precautionary tips and social-distancing rules that you might need to follow as a host and also ask your attendees to abide by can be listed as follows:

  • Keep your guest list small but safe

Your backyard should be spacious enough to accommodate anyone and everyone you intend on inviting, keeping social-distancing, that is six feet of distance, in mind. But even if you can invite a host of people, try limiting the number till some solid control is found over the virus. This will not only help you to be safe but will also keep others’ safety in hand.

Also, don’t forget to get numbers, names, and a little other info about them beforehand. In the worst case, if someone gets infected, you’ll at least have information about who visited and gathered.

Note: Check on everyone about their travel plans in the past few weeks and if someone is experiencing any Covid-like symptoms. It’s better to prevent now than to cure later. Invite only those who have been keeping a conscious effort in keeping themselves safe, just like you.

  • Keep everything outdoors

Yes, try to keep everyone out and distanced from the inside as much as possible, except for using washrooms.

Devote a dedicated route to even washrooms so that no one even wanders unintentionally inside. Keep alcohol-based sanitizers, gloves, disinfecting wipes, and masks handy to be used outdoors.

Note: Arrange paper towels for the guests to use so that no one ends up sharing the same cloth-based hand towel.

  • Manage the seating and eating situation well

For each household, try to dedicate a separate table and distanced chairs so that there’s enough room for everyone to walk around and still be seated comfortably, with minimalist or even better, no possible contact.

Put separate glasses, plates, napkins, and silverware, all wrapped in a plastic bag for each table.

As for the eating situation, only a few people should be dedicated to serving the food. Like maybe one person from each household or table. You can go for pre-plated meals to avoid any possible contact. As for the drinks, sides, and condiments, you might prefer your guests to get themselves some from their households as there’s no sharing at all, or at least possible. BYO is the new normal and there’s nothing questionable in adopting the same!

Note: If you still want to serve your food the buffet-style, cover any and every exposed food with protective barriers and sanitizers by the side for people to use. Wary of what all equipment might be put to use? Check out here.

  • Set expectations clear well in advance

By expectations, we mean the guidelines that you would appreciate your guests follow like using the washroom, serving the party food during Covid times, starting and closing time of the barbeque, social-distancing, foods that you plan on serving, foods that the guests might have to get by themselves et al.

This helps anyone and everyone coming over having a clear idea of what to expect and whatnot.

  • Choose the menu and dishes carefully

BBQ party food during Covid is pretty different from usual BBQ gatherings. You, as a host, need to take into account what all dishes you can churn out yourself, and what your attendees might need to bring along, for themselves.

You might want to avoid communal dishes such as chips, packets of buns, shared condiments, etc. You might want to serve the food directly off the grill. Choosing dishes such as fish fillets, hot dogs, burgers, chicken thighs, etc. which don’t need much handling or carving after cooking, will ensure the least contact check-points to take care of.

Note: You can even make use of recyclable and compostable dinnerware instead of paper or plastic ones to keep the environment in mind. As for drinks, you can keep coolers for everyone to chill their drinks after proper sanitization.

  • Plan activities carefully for both the kids and adults

As a host, it becomes essential to not only have delectable party food during Covid but also to organize activities for both kids and adults.

Playing cards, Frisbees, etc. involve too much contact and touching, try avoiding that. Keep sanitizers close by for people to sanitize both their hands and any shared object or surface, during an activity, if any.

Note: You can also put up placards and signage for people to not forget the guidelines when all out for the BBQ event!

So, if you’re planning to host the next barbeque at your place, keep yourself equipped with the right and sufficient outdoor kitchen tools and equipment like a portion of food warmer, BBQ griller, storage drawers, etc. from BBQ Island. You’ll get the most premium quality and convenient products here.

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