Holiday BBQ Gifts

Every family has at least one member who would love to unwrap holiday BBQ gifts on Christmas morning. We all know this guy (or gal): the one who's always dreaming up excuses to throw a party with meat at the center of the menu. The one who can talk your ear off about the benefits of different types of hardwood and spice rub mixes. 

Their obsession with grilling may seem silly, but don't forget that honoring their favorite pastime is a win win, because you'll get a New Year full of delicious food to enjoy! Check out our gift guide for the perfect holiday BBQ gifts for your loved ones.

For the Outdoorsman

Whether the weekend agenda calls for a trek through the woods or a hunting trip in the mountains, serious outdoor enthusiasts need a cooler that will handle extreme conditions and lots of bumps in the road. The Cordova Cooler is a state-of-the-art cooler that keeps ice frozen longer than anything else on the market — and it's one tough son of a gun! BBQ Island owner Mike West gives it his enthusiastic seal of approval, so you know it’s gotta be good!

For the Type A Personality

Even if your loved one isn't normally a neat freak, there's something about owning a beautiful grill that turns people into obsessive scrubbers and detailers. Help them keep their babies shiny with the BBQ Island Grill Cleaner. This handy cleaner contains cactus enzymes, which cuts grease and is safe to use around your food.

For the Tech-Lover

When it's all about the gadgets, surprise the grill master in your life with a Marinade Express Tabletop Vacuum Marinade Machine. This incredible tool makes it easy to marinate meats perfectly every time, while creating a vacuum seal that keeps meat fresh and holds in all the flavor. The special process also allows marinades to use less sodium to tenderize meat — part of the pleasure will be in reading about all the benefits of this new invention!

Head on over to BBQ Island where you will find these and other great holiday BBQ gifts for your BBQ enthusiast! We’re sure you’ll find everything on your list and more!
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