Grill Kamado – Big Joe grill III vs Big Joe II

Grill Kamado – Big Joe grill III vs Big Joe II

When it comes to grills, you can’t escape the likes and recommendations of kamado grills. They are known for their unmatched versatility, heat control, moisture retention, and lifetime. But the real question arises when someone put the cost parameter into the equation. Yes! They are pretty expensive compared to standard charcoal grills.

But is it worth spending that extra premium? The answer is absolutely yes, considering that you grill regularly and you love to learn a new grill once in a while. What else will make you buy a grill right?

It’s the best bang for buck grill you can avail for the passionate grill master in you. They have a lot of awesome features on offer that places them a class above other options in the market.

Now that you have made your mind about kamado, let’s see what are their popular options.

  • Kamado Joe Big joe series
  • Kamado Joe Classic joe series

They share the same design, material of manufacture, features and whatnot. All they differ is the size. Big joe with a 24” diameter grate is the big brother of classic joe having only 18".

While most of the kitchens can fit in the bigger joe, we will recommend going with that as it can be a real lifesaver when you have a party around or bigger family meetups. So now the question shrinks as to which model of the big joe series should you go with.

Which model of the big joe series should you go with?

The big joe series has two models, Big joe II and Big joe III currently ruling the market. Scaling the difference between the two is the only way that you reach a consensus of your buy. The comparison is important since it is not always the costlier one that can be the better one.

We are here to help you choose the one that will serve your purpose without making a hard hit on your pockets.

Before taking a head-on-head comparison we will first have a look at what’s common in both units. We won’t be discussing much in detail as our prime concern is to differentiate between the two:

  • Kontrol tower

Made of rust-resistant aluminium to control the temperature inside, it prevents the influence of external weather on your barbecue. It also saves you from resetting every time you open the lid, instead, it takes off from where you have already left.

  • Airlift hinge

If you feel ceramics are heavy, consider this 500 lbs (approx.) Kamados then. To make the airlift hinges easy to operate, kamados have successfully incorporated a method to cut the weight of the dome by 96%. This feature can be a real lifesaver to your arms.

  • Wire Mesh Fibreglass Gasket with Stainless Steel Latch

Industry driven innovation from kamado’s think tanks has developed a wire mesh fibreglass gasket with a stainless-steel latch that will for sure last more than its competitors.

Apart from these, there are a lot of optional add-ons you can install on your grill. Some of the popular addons include JoeTisserie, Thunderdome, DoJoe or the favourite iKamado feature. Consider buying the addons from us. We undertake orders for JoeTisserie and Thunderdome now and are ready to get shipped.

Why should you go with Kamado Joe Big joe III?

If any of the following features tempt you, then it is big joe III you should go with.

  • SloRoller

In the case of Big Joe II, where the SloRoller was offered as an add-on, it comes in standard with big joe III. Though the Big Joe III was criticised to be launched at a higher price in the market, you should know that Big Joe III comes with an extra level of cooking space. Who doesn’t want an additional cooking space and one of the most sought-after features of the premium grill manufacturer as standard?

  • Divide and conquer system

It is a patented system in which the half racks are arranged at different heights depending on what you are cooking. It is known for its flexibility and ease of operation.

While it’s more of a similarity as it is present in both generations, Big Joe III offers a three-tier design that will give you an additional 354 square inches of cooking space. It is a more than 60% increase from the Big joe II, which could accommodate only 510 square inches of cooking space.

  • Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket

The Charcoal Basket is divided into the case of Big Joe III. What it does interpret, is the increased fuel efficiency achieved by holding the coal closer together. You can split the fuel depending upon the requirements on each side, also limiting the fuel use.

One of the most tedious tasks is Ash cleaning when it comes to grilling. In this case, the ask gets filtered naturally through the bars and moved into the Ash chamber, facilitating easy cleanup.

  • Heavy-duty cart

The cart on the Big Joe III received a major upgrade than its predecessor. The heavy-duty cart is made of galvanised steel with a sturdier fit and finish. While the side shelves of the previous generation were made of HDPE, the present generation features powder-coated aluminium.

On the bottom line, Big joe III is never an overpriced asset, but a demanding investment. We have stocks of Big Joe III available, ready to get shipped at your spot and we take care of its installation.

Buy your kamado joe Big joe III here.

Unfortunately, we have a shortage of the big joe II, which we will update once it is available.

Buy your kamado joe Big joe II here.

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