Gluten-Free & BBQ Delicious!

There are lots of reasons to follow a gluten-free diet, and more people are doing so than ever before. Whether you're someone who suffers from Celiac disease or you suspect you have a gluten sensitivity, cutting back on gluten or eliminating it from your diet entirely isn't that unusual. You've probably discovered a whole host of products designed just for you in the grocery store and on restaurant menus, so sticking to your guns is easier than ever.

Enjoying an amazing meal on the grill is no different! Of course, meat itself is gluten-free, but often the seasonings used to enhance your favorite recipes do have traces of gluten in them. Knowing this, we want to point out some great products available at BBQ Island that are totally gluten-free and totally delicious. And the best part? You can enjoy these without worrying about triggering a reaction or falling off your dietary wagon.

Here are some of our favorite gluten-free recommendations:


Smackers BBQ Rub: Smackers Sweet and Spicy Rub is an award-winner that can be used on any type of meat you can think of, as well as deviled eggs, pizza and more. They also make two great barbecue sauces that are great for many dietary needs: No MSG, soy, or wheat in sight!



Butcher BBQ Sweet Sauce: Never underestimate the power of a little sweetness when it comes to making incredible barbecue! We love Butcher's sweet sauce on chicken, and you can rest assured it's both gluten and MSG-free while packing a big punch of flavor.



Butcher Original Honey Rub: Want that touch of sweetness in a rub instead of a sauce? Butcher has a great rub for you, and it's also free of gluten and MSG. Try it on chicken or ribs for a real treat!



Dizzy Pig Rubs: There's a Dizzy Pig rub for every palate, whether you want the heat of ghost peppers or authentic Mexican flavor. All of their products are made with the freshest ingredients and with special diets in mind, so there's never any MSG, gluten, nuts or soy.


Not sure what to try first? Come down to BBQ Island to talk turkey, pork, brisket or drumsticks! We're happy to talk you through the choices.

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