Get Cookin’ With A New Hestan Grill

BBQ Island is thrilled to announce the release of Hestan Grill’s most incredible outdoor cooking options to date. Available in 12 custom colors, the latest series of these American-made grills are crafted with superior engineering utilizing revolutionary designs.

From the precision controlled Trellis Burners™ for optimal zoning temperatures to the motion activated Stadium™ lights within their innovative Horizon™ hoods, Hestan Grills can complement all of your culinary pursuits. Just a few other standard inclusions and options available for the performance-fueled 2017 Hestan Grill Series include:

In-house Diamond Cut™ grating systems

Roasting rack options with ceramic infrared rotisserie burners

Deluxe side burners

Spacious worktops and storage drawers

High-powered ceramic searing burners

Now that your taste buds are awakened by the possibility of owning a new Hestan Grill, check out this refreshingly cool summer recipe.

Hestan’s Prosciutto & Grilled Peaches Arugula Salad

Note: This quick and healthy recipe can also be used with other sliced fruits like pineapple, apples, cantaloupe or nectarines. By the time your grill is preheated, you can likely have the following ingredients prepped for this refreshing and tasty summer salad.


4 quartered and pitted ripe peaches (or alternate fruit)

3-4 tablespoons of olive oil for brushing and drizzling

1 squeezed lemon

8 cups of baby arugula

8 halved or quartered prosciutto slices

½ cup shredded or torn mozzarella

Salt and pepper to taste


Lightly brush fruit with olive oil and transfer them to the preheated grill cut-side up for about 3-4 minutes until soften. Flip and cook just long enough to char-mark the flesh. Allow them to cool while you fill a bowl with arugula and toss it with the lemon juice, cheese, prosciutto, and seasonings. Top salad mix with the grilled peaches and enjoy.

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