Finding the right Traeger Grill

Finding the right Traeger Grill

Grilling season is here! It’s time to invest in one and start having some incredible barbeque feasts at your place.

But like a sculptor needs the right tool, a grill master in you needs the right Traeger grill. Among multiple models available, when you opt for the right one, you get a partner for a lifetime of amazing outdoor cooking adventures. 

Choosing a grill is never an easy decision, thankfully our guide will help you find one that suits your needs. So first, let's know the importance of a Traeger grill.

Why do you need a Traeger grill?

  • Temperature control:

Temperature control is the key when it comes to grilling. Many other grills have temperature gauges that aren’t very precise. On the other hand, the Traeger pellet grill works similarly to an oven, providing you a precise temperature setting. 

The start-up process of a Traeger grill uses an electronic control board. The special microprocessor circuitry of the grill controls heat and smoke in it with an auger motor. Digital thermostat control allows you to automatically feed pellets to maintain the grill’s temperature.

  • Autostart feature:

If you’re a first-timer, starting a grill can be challenging for you as you might end up using matches, lighter fluids and trying to avoid a large flame coming out of the grill. However, Traeger is a grill that is safe and simple to operate.

An auto touch feature makes it easy for you to operate the wood pellet grill. Once you activate the ignitor rod, the auger starts feeding the pellet into the fire pot where a fan releases air into the firepot. Your ignitor rod will glow red igniting the pellet.

  • Low maintenance:

The efficient design of the Traeger grill makes it much easier to clean. This is also because of the presence of easy-to-clean Traeger parts and grease collectors.

What is the right Traeger grill for you?

Before buying a Traeger grill, you need to consider your budget and the size of the grill you want. So, let’s know in brief about the things you need to know for a successful purchase:

  • Know your budget:

Determining what you want from a grill and how much you want to spend for it, will play a major role in your purchase. If you have your eyes set on a Traeger grill, and you've planned on using it, make sure to buy wood pellets which can cost a few hundred dollars a year or more based on how much the grill is used.

  • Determine the size of the grill:

The number of people you wish to cook for will determine how big of a grill you buy. An average family of 2 adults and 2 children, or less, should be fine with a smaller grill. On the other hand, if your family is bigger or your household tends to eat more, then a grill of a larger size is probably a better fit as you can handle more food at once.

  • You also need to consider the place where you’re planning to put your new grill. You can have a barbeque session on your balcony but make sure your balcony has enough space to accommodate at least a grill of small size.
  • To make choosing your grill size an easier task, Traeger has included the capacity of the grill in square inches. In each of their products, you’ll find the grill capacity right in the name of each grill.

For example, the Traeger Pro 780 Pellet Grill – Black from BBQ island has 780 square inches of grilling capacity. Our product is based on the best-selling wood pellet grill ever. To help draw the picture, the midsized Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill with 880 square inches of grilling space, can hold 10 full chickens, 9 pork butts, or 7 rib backs. 

Likewise, Traeger – Timberline 1300 Grill offers 1300 square inches of grilling space and is a premium outdoor cooking solution.

With that said, here is the brief information about the 3 different lines of Traeger grills.

Most common models of Traeger Grills

  • Pro 

Designed with a budget in mind, the pro series is the best-selling line for Traeger. The grill is easy to install and comes with excellent value and great performance. It provides a feature of “WiFire” which allows you to control your grill temperature right from your phone or tablet.

With the addition of the D2 direct drivetrain, the start-up has improved and the temperature controls have gotten an upgrade. As of the last upgrade, the pro can also max out at 500°F.

  • Ironwood 

This is a mid-sized entry of the Traeger line. With more features and plenty of improvements like downdraft exhaust, this series is a step up from the pro series. 

Its exhaust pushes old smoke through the back while using the new smoke created by the firepot. This feature normally works best when used between 165°F and 275°F. Other features include a side shelf, double sidewall insulation, and a control panel with buttons.

  • Timberline

This series comes with top-of-the-line, fully loaded Traeger models. Known as the king of the mountain, this series is the biggest and baddest of the Traeger grill line. It can handle a great amount of cooking.

Being an upgrade from the ironwood series, there are some additional components and features included. For example, with the double sidewall insulation, there is an additional wall made of aluminum attached that helps keep the most amount of heat when cooking.

Final thoughts

It’s important to know that each Traeger grill works the same, what makes them different is their size and the cost. Now that you know the reasons to buy a Traeger grill, we encourage you to visit BBQ Island Inc to choose the grill of your choice. 

At our store, you’ll find the best outdoor kitchen supplies that can make your backyard a welcoming paradise. Along with different models of Traeger grill, our inventory includes cooking pods, large woks, built-in grill covers, fryers, wood chunks, steamers, and more.

Go through our supplies and order the products you need from exceptional brands at affordable prices. If you have any query related to our product, reach out to us and our expert team will assist you in the best way possible. Have a great day!

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