Happy Fathers Day From Us To You!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we know everyone is wondering about what the perfect thing to get dad is. Truth is, there are plenty of amazing gift ideas out there that we would be happy to receive. But for us as fathers, the best gift we can receive is…a perfectly grilled meal in the company of our loved ones.

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that our first memories of grilling was us as children, watching as our dads flip the steaks and burgers with a smile on their face and a certain air of confidence that said, “ Yes, I am a master of my craft.”


Fast forward to today, and we can’t help but think about what our children’s first memory of grilling will be.


Will it be hanging out porch side with us as the sun goes down?

Will be the first time we give our son a sip of our beer next to an open flame?

Or will it be when we make our daughter the best steak she’s ever had?


One thing remains. NOTHING beats the excitement we feel as fathers when we see the anticipation on our children’s faces as we walk up the deck with a platter of perfectly grilled food.


As we get older, we realize more and more that everything comes full circle.


It started with us watching our father’s and family members grill in the backyard, and now we are grilling for our sons, daughters, and even our grand children.


 It never ceases to amaze us how much of an experience it is to grill for those you love.


This fathers day, make sure you show dad just how special he is by either grilling a complete meal for him to enjoy, or hanging out with him near an open flame like the good ole' days.


The food you grill will only last a few minutes, but the memories you create will last a lifetime.


Mike, JT, & Adam

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