Everything You Need For Outdoor Entertaining

We love to spotlight what our customers have done with BBQ Island grills and supplies in their outdoor kitchens. This time, we've got one to share that's perfect for entertaining kids and families. This outdoor kitchen was built by Desert Designer and features a fun zig-zag counter that matches the patio and provides a clear view of the pool. The centerpiece of the kitchen is a Delta Heat 26-inch gas grill, but these smart homeowners also added a Big Green Egg for versatility and to prepare food for a crowd! The kitchen is also finished with our own BBQ Island 24-inch x 17-inch horizontal access door for a sleek stainless steel look throughout the island.


Outdoor Entertaining: Just Add Water!

We love that this kitchen is right near the pool. It's oriented to allow the chef to check out all the splashing and laughter at a glance, making it the perfect blend of fun and safety for entertaining families. It can also serve as an easy buffet table for swimmers to come grab a bite before heading back into the water, so kids won't be likely to go hungry or get dehydrated while they play.

Here are our a few of our favorite ideas for making the most of a space like this in your backyard:

Birthday Parties: Bring out the cake and ice cream when there's a break in the action in the water. Kids love to swim, and there's no better way to host a low-key birthday bash than with hamburgers from the grill and some sweet treats served poolside.


Rolling Block Parties: Here is a great way to spread out the work involved in party prep. Have each family take charge of a portion of a meal (apps, main course, dessert, nightcap) and walk from house to house to enjoy a change of scenery. With so much grilling capacity, this kitchen is perfect for the main course!


Family Fun Days: Don't forget to invite all the cousins over to play, too! The grill and pool combination is a great way to let the kids have a blast while adults can gather to chat and catch up.

Are you ready for your own family-friendly outdoor grilling and entertainment center? Let BBQ Island help you get the party started!

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