Custom BBQ Grill & Backyards

At BBQ Island, we’re known for our custom BBQ grill spaces. We love to take our customer's dreams and turn them into the ultimate backyard oasis. There's nothing better than seeing a plain patio get the royal treatment and become a major feature of the home with a custom BBQ grill space complemented by comfortable furniture and a designer flair. Check out one of our favorite local projects:

A Shady Spot

The Arizona sun can be intense, so we love the attention to detail in creating shade over this outdoor patio area. Between the natural shadows from the tree and a festive, multi-colored shade sail, the proud owners of this outdoor kitchen are never left squinting into the sun. It always pays to plan ahead! The extra high, rusted-metal backsplash completes the look and creates privacy for the ultimate backyard getaway.

Running Hot and Cold

A true outdoor kitchen requires more than just a grill — though these homeowners chose an excellent one with the Delta Heat 32-inch Natural Gas Grill built right into their masonry island. For extra convenience, an outdoor refrigerator allows you to store meat and vegetables before cooking, and the Delta Heat 20-inch Outdoor Refrigerator doesn't disappoint.

Outstanding Accessories

Designing a true outdoor kitchen is about more than just adding fire. There are loads of details that add comfort and convenience to make cooking outside just as easy as it is indoors. These homeowners added a built-in BBQ Island Paper Towel Dispenser and two BBQ Island 24-inch Drop-in Coolers to keep guests happy with cold drinks and easy clean up. Matching storage is also trimmed with BBQ Island 30-inch Double Doors. We love the way all of that stainless steel glints off the warm red and brown tones of the island.

When you're ready to turn your backyard into the perfect culinary paradise, trust the team at BBQ Island to supply everything you need to create that incredible new outdoor kitchen. No matter what look you're going for, we're ready to help you get grilling in style. Head to our showroom today to start designing your custom BBQ grill outdoor space!

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