Camping & Grilling - The Two Best Friends Anyone Can Have!

Camping & Grilling - The Two Best Friends Anyone Can Have!

Don’t forget to pack these!


With the temperatures dropping here in Arizona, and the Southwest camping season in full swing, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some of our favorite campfire cooking essentials with you!


Question: What do you call a Pitmaster who doesn’t have a knife? 

Answer: Hungry!  


  1. The first item on our list: make sure you bring your knife of choice on each outing. A good knife is sharp, versatile, and doubles as both a cooking and survival utensil. 


If you like to plan ahead, you can prep your meats and veggies ahead of time, but what fun is that?


2. Seasonings: We always include the basics on our outings like sea salt and black pepper, but you can take your bbq camping creations to the next level with an amazing rub or seasoning. There is a perfect spice, rub, or sauce for just about anything! Lucky for you our team knows which go best together!


3. Reusable dinnerware: Instead of wasting paper plates and plastic utensils, keep a reusable kit on hand. Be kind to the environment and your budget!


4. Heavy duty aluminum foil: What would camping be without baked potatoes and grilled onions? Aluminum foil makes both cooking and cleanup a breeze while you’re camping, seals in flavors and juices, and gives you more meal options.


5. Lighters and matches: Unless your name is @BearGrylls or in this case, Bear Grills, chances are you can’t create a fire by hitting rocks together or channeling lightning from the heavens. 


Save yourself the hassle of starting a fire and make sure to bring something more practical like the HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter (Wireless Models Available) 


6. The mini La Hoguera Firepit: This is a newer addition to our list, but the ease and convenience this stainless steel grill provides is unmatched. Assembly is a breeze, and it can be stored away in seconds. Check em’ out on Instagram @la_hoguera_firepits


7. Coolers and Backpacks. This is something you do not want to cheap out on. Food grade storage coolers that are air tight is an essential for the woods to not attract wild animals and keep food safe to eat for longer periods of time. Backpacks as well can make a huge difference when out on hikes and walks. For this we recommend the new Cordova Soft Sided Backpack. 


That’s a quick list of BBQ Island’s camping essentials. 


We’d love to know what your camp cooking essentials are in the comments below!

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