Behind the Pit interview with Brady Bogen of Bradys Sauce and Porkopolis

Owner Name: Brady Bogen

Age: 54

Location: Gilbert, AZ

Brand Name: Brady’s Sauce

IG Handle: @bradyssauce + @bradybogen98


Has BBQ always been your passion, or did you have a career before?

Yes, BBQ has always been a passion, but wait…I did have a career before! I’m cohost of Holmberg’s Morning Sickness on 98KUPD for the past 18 years and I officially launched Brady’s Sauce 8 years ago because of my love for BBQ and 6 years ago I opened Porkopolis BBQ restaurant in Chandler and we now have two locations, with the other in Scottsdale.


How did you come up with the brand name “Brady’s Sauce” ?

My parents came up with the name in 1965 when I was born.


What is your most popular product and why do you think that is?

Second to the Brady Bobblehead doll is a tie between all 6 flavors of my BBQ + Sriracha sauces. Gold-N-Sweet, Sweet-N-Smokey, Hot-N-Sweet, Gold-N-Sweet, Spicy Asian, Verde Sriracha and Red Sriracha.


What is the story behind creating that product?

The sea was angry that day, the wind was blowing hard, like an old man taking a bowl of soup at the back of a deli. Wait a minute, that’s a Seinfeld episode. I got together with the owner of Midwestern Meats and Chef Emilio and we came up with the initial two flavor profiles, Sweet-N-Smokey then Hot-N-Sweet and I began selling them at Midwestern Meats in Mesa.


Do you have any new products in the works? Can you share any details?

I just released my two new products, Brady's Truffle Habanero + Brady's Prickly Pear Ghost Pepper Hot Sauces. I’m very excited to bring even more spice to your meats!


What do you think people love most about your brand?

The flavor selection of a Midwest base with a southwest twist.


Do you want to say anything to your fans, followers, and supporters?

Thanks for all your support and making me a part of your dinner table…And putting my sauce in your mouth.


Do you have any words of wisdom for those who are looking to make a name for themselves in the world of Barbecue?

Stay out of the sauce business, don’t do it. My mom thinks I play piano at a brothel. But if you still persist and you’d like to bottle your own sauce use Coyote Kitchen, they’re the best! Call my guy Peter Kaufman.


Closing Thoughts:

My goal is to unite people with sauce flavors so good it’ll curl your toes. And if they curl too much, my wife does pedicures. Thank you for all the support!

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