BBQ Smoker Supplies For Your Green Mountain Grill

If you were a very good boy or girl this year and got that Green Mountain Grill pellet smoker you were hoping for, you’ll want to stock up on BBQ smoker supplies from BBQ Island! Check out our excellent smoker accessories to keep your smoker functioning at peak efficiency. From state of the art apps to thermal blankets, we've got you (and your grill) completely covered.

Green Mountain Grill Covers

Thanks to that little smokestack on the side of your pellet smoker, it's not that easy to keep your smoker covered and protected from the elements when it's time to clean up. That's why Green Mountain Grills offers specialized, form-fitting grill covers for a snug, custom fit. These keep your grill dry and dust free, and Velcro enclosures make them easy to use. These must have covers are available for Daniel Boone, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett models.

Green Mountain Thermal Blankets

Because smoking is the ultimate "low and slow" cooking process, one of the most crucial BBQ smoker supplies is a thermal blanket to wrap around the cooking area of your pellet smoker. These padded blankets are sized to fit your grill and add a valuable layer of insulation to keep the heat right where you want it. Using a thermal blanket can help you cut your pellet usage by up to 50 percent, so it's a great investment in efficiency.

Green Mountain Grills Wi-Fi Control Board

If you love your smartphone and can't get enough of high-tech apps, the GMG Wi-Fi Retrofit Kit is for you! When you swap out your grill's command board with this one, you'll be able to operate all of your smoker's controls with an app on your smartphone. It's perfect for upcoming football playoffs and the Super Bowl, when you don't want to miss a minute of the action. Plus, you can control your outdoor grill from the warm indoors.

At BBQ Island, we make sure to keep all the BBQ smoker supplies you need on hand, so stop by to check them out today!

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