BBQ 101 & 102 with Chris Marks (2011)

The weather this year was fantastic. It was in the mid-seventies a with a gentle breeze.

While waiting for all the students to arrive, Chris fielded questions from the class.

After Chris demonstrated how to prepare ribs and chicken, the students all got to prepare their own cuts of meat. Once they were prepared they were put into the smoker.

A few hours later this is how they were looking.  The chicken is almost finished but the ribs still have an hour or so to go.

Man that is some tasty looking chicken. Nice crispy skin packed with flavor. Are you getting hungry yet?

Chris surprised us with a couple of BACON EXPLOSIONS! These things were crazy. They were stuffed with more bacon, sausage and bbq sauce. Take that Lipitor! I could hear myself getting fatter when I was eating it.

Chowing down on the finished ribs. Everyone got to eat some of their own and taste other peoples. It was interesting to see people comparing their results.

Chris did a wonderful job of explaining the brisket and how to trim it up.

Rubbing the brisket down with mustard.

Adding some rub to the brisket.

Jaccarding the flat side of the brisket. This not only help tenderize the meat, it cuts down on the cooking time and forces some of the rub into the meat. This helps to create a great bark.

One of the students trimming  brisket.

A student trying out the Jaccard.

A finished brisket. Look at the depth of that smoke ring!

Demonstrating where to inject the pork butt.

 Covering the butt with rub.

This butt is prepped and ready for the smoker.

Finished brisket, butts and bacon wrapped poppers.

Shredding the finished pork butts with Bear Paws. These really make shedding the butts a breeze.

Lastly, everyone here at BBQ Island would like to thank Shelton for coordinating such a superb event!
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