Arizona Centennial

Bam Bam and Phil prepping the butts.

They managed to get 60 butts into the FEC 500.

A few hours later it was time to fire up The Good One trailer smoker. It was sporting two Good One Rodeos. Bam Bam had never used Ono Lump Charcoal before, and he got a kick out of how large some of the pieces were. I told him that was nothing.

It only took one more bag to find a large enough chunk.

There were only about a dozen pieces in the whole bag.

Lighting the chimneys is serious business.

Ono must be Hawaiian for the massive chunks of charcoal that spark profusely.

Oh my heck...An even bigger piece was discovered. He was really getting a kick out of how big the Ono charcoal chunks were.

And the winner is....This huge piece he could barely get out of the bag. He called it stump lump, and we all rejoiced.

Juicing the butts with his hand pump sprayer.

Almost up to temp. The smoke was really rolling out of the Rodeos at this point.

The first three pans were ready to go. We loaded them into the chaffing dishes and opened shop.

We had a line for almost the entire event.

The line got even larger at night.

The ladies did a fantastic job, and we were still smiling after 9 hours of non-stop serving. Thanks guys. You did an awesome job as always.

Bam Bam was signing autographs for a while. Some of his fans were star struck. Sometimes meeting your hero in person can be overwhelming.

I made my way over to the concert for a few minutes to stretch my legs. The Gin Blossoms were putting on a really great show.

The fireworks started slowly.

but kept building....

and building....

and building....

Until it crescendo into an eerie 'Apocalypse Now' like a mass of red flares and smoke. A mosquito bit me, and the sky returned to blackness.

The ladies got to check out Esteban while he warmed up in the morning. They said it was like a private concert.

The FEC 500 was really cranking out some smoke.

I would guess that we had over 60 different police officers swing by for a sandwich. We saw some of them a few times. You know who you are! Thanks for your support guys and gals!

The beer garden was packed as people enjoyed cold brewskis and the cool shade of the trees.

The park was covered with tons of people.

A lot of people were eating food at the provided tables with umbrellas.

With a lion's share of his cooking done, the Bam Bam got to take a few minutes to rest.

All in all the event was a huge success. We would like to put a special thanks to all the volunteers that made this possible. And a special thank you to Michelle O'Donnell of AZ Solutions for organizing such a great event and putting up with my endless questions.
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