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We have surveyed the top pit masters and customers from all over the country to provide you with a list of the best sauces and rubs on the market. 

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1. Blues Hogs BBQ Sauce
Blues Hogs sauces are hard to beat. They have 4 different blends that all ranked in our top 50, as well as number one spot. A line up that without questions earns them this honor!

1. Big Swede BBQ 
Located in Scottsdale, AZ this company defines the BBQ lifestyle. Hitting out number one most popular item, this rub has been enjoyed and recommended by the top in the industry!

2. Killer Hogs
Not only do they make a great rub, the sauce is just as high quality. Safe to say that the two brothers know BBQ and spices to enhance the flavor

2. Killer Hogs
Since 2001 brothers Malcom and Waylon have been cooking competition BBQ, winning the big checks and breaking hearts. An easy pick for our number 2 spot!

3. Craig's BBQ Sauce
Gathering a huge fan base this sauce ranked number three in popularity on our list. Its a well balanced blend great for any poultry and meat. 

3. PlowBoys BBQ
Out of Kansas city this rub needs no intro. With over 15 years of experience in BBQ they have won over a huge fan base.

4. Loot N Booty
Veteran Owned and American Made, coming out of Arizona, is the Loot N Booty premier BBQ line. 

4.Salvo Salt Blend
Sometimes simple is best. They have found the perfect blend to enhance the flavor of any meat and poultry. Perfect for everyday use and appeals to all.

5. Three Little Pigs
Developed by Kansas City native, Chris Marks, of the nationally-recognized Three Little Pigs BBQ Competition Team, We are proud to offer gourmet style Three Little Pigs BBQ sauces

5. Oakridge BBQ
World famous competition BBQ. Each micro batch is hand made with quality ingredients. No Gluten, fillers, artificial ingredients, or MSG

6. Head Country 
Not too tangy. Not too sweet. Nothing fancy about it, really. Just a bold, rich, perfectly balanced blend of sweet and savory. Great sauce since 1947! 

6 .John Henrys Pecan Rub
Specialized in pork, poultry, and fish, this pecan rub adds a unique flavor to change it up. Straight out of Texas!

7. Salt Lick BBQ
Texas Hill Country! Not only did they hit our top ten list in sauces, but they also have a great meat selection and restaurant.

7. Loot N Booty
A husband and wife team that share the passion of great BBQ. Winning the Reserve Grand Champion award in the 2014 American Royal World Series of BBQ

8. Traeger BBQ Sauce
Not only one of the biggest name in Pellet Grills, Traeger also has a tasty BBQ Sauce. With the name and experience to back it, this hit out top 10 without question. 

8.Rib Stars BBQ
Coming from professional chef Richard McPeake, a pit master of 35 years and 2016 ACF GKCCA Chef of the year, is a perfect choice for number 8!

9. Triple 9 Swine Apple Glaze
Triple 9 Swine glazes are perfect for basting ribs, wings, and blending with other sauces to create that perfect hit of flavor! 

9. Zero to Hero
Slightly on the sweeter side but blended perfectly with garlic and onion to mellow it out. Zero to Hero has a solid rub that earned its spot. 

10. Texas Rib Candy Apple Cherry Habanero Rib Sauce
Ok, so this was a bit of a biased pic and a company favorite at BBQ Island! Its unique approach creates a flavor profile that is always a great treat!

10. Bad Byrons Butt Rub
Byron began competing in BBQ competitions across the country traveling extensively and emerging as one of the top 10 KCBS cooks for 7 consecutive years.