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Meadow Creek BBQ36

Meadow Creek BBQ36

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This Meadow Creek BBQ36 charcoal cooker's design, ensures fast cooking times and crispy chicken skin. The body is constructed from 13 gauge welded steel that is coated with a heat resistant matte black paint. The 4 over sized casters make moving this unit simple. It's 22" x 33" 304 stainless steel grate provides enough cooking space and can hold more chickens than you can imagine. Welded grate handles make flipping your food a snap. This is approximately 20 lbs. of charcoal for grilling on a full grate. May vary depending on your grilling time and cuts of meat. The charcoal pan insert makes cleaning up fast and easy.

The Meadow Creek BBQ series pit have a stay cook handle, a well balanced easy-turn double sided grates allows one person turning, lockable racks to keep food secure and a removable ash pan. The direct heat design of the BBQ Series creates fast cooking times. The high heat also ensures crispy skin, every time.

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