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Meadow Creek BBQ26
BBQ26-Front View

Meadow Creek BBQ26

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This Meadow Creek BBQ26 charcoal cooker's design, ensures fast cooking times and crispy chicken skin. The body is constructed from 13 gauge welded steel that is coated with a heat resistant matte black paint. It's 16" x 24" 304 stainless steel cooking grate provides 384 square inches of space and can hold up to 15 lbs. of chicken. Welded grate handles make flipping your food a snap. The optional charcoal pan insert makes cleaning up fast and  easy.

The Meadow Creek BBQ26 looks like a giant Hibachi, with no lid, this boring black box is 32" long by 21" wide by 20.5" tall on heavy wire legs. It weighs a substantial 60 pounds. You'd be pardoned for thinking it is just another portable grill, but you'd be wrong. It is really a killer tailgater in disguise.

Its double sided 16" by 24" cooking grate covers 384 square inches means that you can load on a mess of food and flip it in all with one hand. Meadow Creek says it cook up to 15 chickens, needing only 10 to 15 pounds of charcoal. Buy the optional trailer hitch connection, and you're bound to have a winning season even if your team doesn't. There is also an optional charcoal pan that can place the coal just inches below the cooking grate.

Its legs are one drawback. They're short thick-gauge wire, designed to sit low to the ground, better for fitting in the trunk or on the truck bed than backyard.

For a couple hundred bucks more you can get The BBQ26S, which stands waist high on long legs made of pipes with non-locking casters and a vented lid. Designed for grilling, close the lid and you can pull off some small-scale rib, brisket, and pork shoulder smoking, but this is not the ideal configuration for 2-zone indirect cooking or smoking.

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