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La Caja China Model #1
Model #1 Roasting Box

La Caja China Model #1

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Price: $369.99
Part Number: LCC-G100
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The pig is placed inside your La Caja China roasting box between two stainless steel racks, and cooks using the heat from charcoal or wood placed on top of the pig roaster on a stainless steel grill. The racks are secured with four stainless steel hooks that hold the meat in place and help make flipping the pig alot easier. Cooking times in La caja china typically vary between three and four hours depending on the size of the pig and the amount of charcoal used. Each la caja china grill comeswith recommended charcoal amounts and cooking times printed directly on the side of the box. Of course, there are tons of ways to do a whole roast pig in a Caja China box !

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