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Infratech 39
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Infratech 39" 2000 Watt 240 Volt - 8.3 Amp Stainless Steel Heater

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The Infratech 39 inch 2000 watt 240 volt outdoor heater provides 6,824 BTUs per hour and is constructed of stainless steel. The classic W-Series products are an excellent choice for most basic installations that require cost-effective controls. These classic heaters feature sleek profiles, recessed mounting options, short standoffs and low clearance heights between seven and ten feet, to provide optimal versatility in terms of installation locations and sizes. They are energy efficient, with wide, polished reflectors that provide comfortable, uniform distribution of heat over a broad coverage area. They are also a great value, including simple regulator options for models under 3,000 watts. Solid state control options provide more precise control in large-scale residential or commercial use, including the configuration of multiple heating zones. For residential or commercial use.

Heat coverage accommodates approximately 6' x 6' feet area and has a suggested mounting height of 7' to 9'. A 6" mounting kit is included with this heater. Made in the USA.

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